The Poker Run - Hosted by the GAF @ KCLM - 250300ZMAY18

Server: Training

Region: Pacific North West

Airport: Starting at KCLM

Time: 0300Z

Date 25 May 2018

NOTAM: General Aviation Aircraft only, no larger then a C208

After doing a Poker Run this weekend, we at the Global Air Force thought why not do it with the community?!
This will be GAF’s first official Poker run!

Here is the rules for the poker run:
Starting airport will be William R Fairchild International (KCLM) You may either fly in or spawn there your choice!
From there you will depart climb to 1,500ft and head 113 degrees to Ranger Creek (21W) (After you Clear Seattle Airspace you may fly to 500ft) . It is 104 miles, from there you will head 209 degrees to Strom (39P). After you’ll head to Quillyute (KUIL) which is a heading of 292 degrees. The last airport will be Sekiu (11S) then finally back to the airport.

Ranger Creek (21W)
Quillyute (KUIL)

You must provide pictures that you made it to these airports. At the end when you return back to KCLM, you’ll be given poker cards which will be randomly generated. The amount depends on how many airports you land at. So if you land at 3 airports you get 3 cards, if you land at all 5 you get all 5. When everyone has competed this run, the pilot with the highest hand will be consider the winner!


While Flying over the Seattle Airport you MUST be 1,500ft or higher, after you may drop to 500ft. Please make sure you use UNICOM and respect other pilots while flying.

Please make sure you sign up! We are so excited host this event!

Both of the winners will be randomly given another hand, highest hand wins.


Oh, buy do I love ranger creek!

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Hope you join us then! We decided it would be fun to explore parts of Washington!

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Ya, definitely expect me if my scedual allows, first heard about it from my uncle who flies there…

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I’ve actually gone down to Olympia to do this kind of stuff, pull out the dirt bikes and do this all day. Very fun, expect me to sign up!

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I’ve done two, I’ve been trying figuring out how to host one but now with Global out it’s perfect!


So my only question is that if you cant go below 5L untill you are out of SETAC airspace that keans you cant land anyware till you are out of SETAC?

The 1,500ft rule is so we don’t disturb those with in the SEA area flying. If you have to land at an airport for whatever reason you may!

Oh, sorry about the altitude mistake. But the way I understand it you are supposed to land at more than the two airports, so you can’t do any till after Seattle is what I was asking…

Tracking! You may if you want, those won’t count as part of the poker run. To get cards you have to land at the 5 airports which are listed =)

Does that answer your question?

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Ohhhhhh… ok, I was confused. I was thinking that since there seems to be no emphasis on time it was just who had the most patience to land on a bunch of grass strips along the path…

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I getcha sorry if it was confusing hopefully that clears things up!

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So far we have 5 confirmed pilots. It’s so awesome hopefully we get more!

As of now we have 10 pilots!

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Darn that’s a bummer, looks like I will be in school during it… 😔

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sounds cool… but actually not sure if 0300z is too early or to late for me… I guess it`s something in between which make me unable to attend :(

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Awe sorry Leah! Next time hopefully you can join!


Event starts tomorrow! You still have time to sign up!


I hope to see you all here!

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