The playground

The game closes rapidly when im in a a playground server it feels like someone is kicking me out of the game i beta is one of the atc controlllers

It’s not a controller they don’t have the power to due so try turning your settings down and plane count. Your device is more then likely crashing.

Thank You… Btw ever since i traed the act playground while Took me hours of dedication and successful flights to get the xp but it kinda makes se se that You have to fly under 250 knots be low 10000 feet because of the colisión posibility but i wanna know if i can change the velocimeter from knots to miles por kilometers and where do you go after surpassing the boundaries of a región? I surpassed the región of south Florida for nos looking at the map not even know where i Was… But it just Took alot of speed off the plane the omg theres so many airports in the southern California but irte mostly for small planes

No you can’t change it to MPH KTS is the standard aeronotical measure of speed. And when you leave a region your power gets shut off so just don’t do it you can be banned for doing it in live.

Jajjajaaja then they should just put Walls at the boundaries of regions

It is basically what they have done by once your outside it reduces your throttle to zero.