The Planes of Infinite Flight in Real Life | Part 1: Airbus

The Planes Of Infinite Flight in Real Life | Part 1: Airbus

Ever wondered where the planes of Infinite Flight fly in real life? Well, I did for quite some time now. After all, Infinite Flight is a simulator. After all, Infinite Flight is a simulator that is very much oriented towards realism. But the earth rotates day by day and time flies by. What was true when the Livery was added to the game may be different today.

For every manufacturer, such a post will be created, which takes a close look at every single Livery in Infinite Flight. The goal is to find out if and where the aircraft still flies today.

Today we start with Airbus, a manufacturer that is represented with 8 aircraft types in the game. Some surprises and interesting backgrounds await us. Many of the planes fly today with other airlines, others were scrapped. Sadly there are also two tragic stories among them. The A320 “5A-LAI” was destroyed during an attack on Tripoli Airport. Also, the story of F-GZCP, the Air France Airbus A330 which crashed as AF447 into the Atlantic Ocean, is still painfully remembered by all of us.

I hope you find this list as exciting as I do and I look forward to your feedback. In the next post (release date unknown) we will take a closer look at Boeing. Be on the lookout!

Airbus A318
Livery Registration Where is it today?
ACJ Livery 1 N1MJ Fictional
ACJ Livery 2 N1DS Fictional
ACJ Livery 3 N1BG Fictional
ACJ Livery 4 D-YLAN Fictional
ACJ Livery 5 G-MISH Everywhere
Air France F-GUGF Still flying for Air France
Airbus – New F-WWIA Flying As a ACJ for Gamma Aviation as A6-AAM
Airbus - Old F-WWIB Airbus (2002-2004), Frontier (2004-2012), now Scrapped
Avianca N594EL Still flying for Avianca
British Airways G-EUNB British Airways (2009-2017), Titan Airways (2017- )
Frontier N808FR Scrapped in 2011
Infinite Flight 2015 N1TG Fictional
Infinite Flight 2018 N-3F Fictional
Mexicana XA-UBX Flying for Avianca as N597EL
Tarom YR-ASA Still Flying for TAROM
Airbus A319
Livery Registration Where is it today?
Air Berlin D-AGBJ Flying for Germanwings
Air Canada C-GITR Flying for Air Canada Rouge
Air Canada Rouge C-GJVY Flying for Air Canada Rouge
Air China B-6228 Still flying for Air China
Air France F-GRXA Still flying for Air France
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ03 Still flying for Azerbaijan Airlines
British Airways G-EUPY Still flying for British Airways
Brussels Airlines OO-SSD Still flying for Brussels Airlines
Cebu Pacific RP-C3193 Flying for Allegiant Air as N330NV
Croatia Airlines 9A-CTL Still flying for Croatia Airlines
Delta Airlines N328NB Still flying for Delta
easyJet G-EZDE Still flying for easyJet
Eurowings D-AGWH Still flying for Eurowings
LAN CC-CPX Flying for LATAM Brasil as PT-TML
LATAM HC-CPZ Still flying for LATAM Ecuador
Lufthansa D-AIBB Still flying for Lufthansa
Northwest Airlines N344NB Flying for Delta Airlines
Qatar Airways A7-CBJ Still flying for Qatar
S7 VP-BTO Still flying for S7
Saudia HZ-AS46 Never flew under this registration
SAS Retro OY-KBO Still flying for SAS
SilkAir 9V-SBD Scrapped in 2016
SWISS HB-IPV Still flying for SWISS
TAM PR-MAN Flying for LATAM Brasil
TAP CS-TNH Still flying for TAP
TigerAir 9V-TRB Scoot (2017-2019), now Stored
Tunisair TS-IMQ Still flying for Tunisair
Volaris XA-VOL Stored 2018 as N319TK
Airbus A320
Livery Registration Where is it today?
Aer Lingus EI-CVB Still flying for Aer Lingus
Aeroflot VQ-BPV Still flying for Aeroflot
Air Asia 9M-AQZ Still flying for AirAsia
AirFrance F-GKXU Still flying for AirFrance
Air New Zealand ZK-OXC Still flying for Air New Zealand
Alaska Airlines N625VA Still flying for Alaska Airlines
Allegiant Air N246NV Still flying for Allegiant
American Airlines N647AW Still flying for American Airlines
Batik Air PK-LAJ Still flying for Batik Air
British Airways G-EUYX Still flying for British Airways
DutchBird PH-BMD Flying for Sun Express as LY-NVR
easyJet G-EZWM Flying for EasyJet Europe as OE-ICW
Frontier Colorado N202FR Still flying for Frontier
Frontier Hugh N238FR Still flying for Frontier
Frontier Ozzy N205FR Still flying for Frontier
Frontier Sheldon N210FR Still flying for Frontier
Indigo VT-IFH Still flying for Indigo
JetBlue N558JB Still flying for JetBlue
Jetstar VH-VQB Flying for Lanmei Airlines as XU-901
LATAM LV-BSJ Still flying for LATAM Argentina
Libyan Airlines 5A-LAI Plane destroyed on July 27th, 2014 during an attack on Tripoli Airport
Lufthansa D-AIZR Flying for Eurowings
Peach Aviation JA812P Still flying for Peach
QantasLink VH-VQS Flying for Network Aviation Australia
SAS OY-KAR Still flying for SAS
Spirit N619NK Still flying for Spirit
TAP CS-TNH Still flying for TAP
United Airlines N428UA Still flying for United
US Airways N651AW Flying for American Airlines
Virgin America N361VA Flying for Alaska Airlines
Vueling EC-LUO Still flying for Vueling
Wizz Air HA-LYR Still flying for Wizz Air
WOW Air TF-BRO Flying for Spirit Airlines as N697NK
Airbus A321
Livery Registration Where is it today?
Aer Lingus EI-CPE Still flying for Aer Lingus
Air Canada C-GJWO Still flying for Air Canada
Air India VT-PPG Still flying for Air India
Alitalia I-BIXR Still flying for Alitalia
American Airlines N101NN Still flying for American Airlines
ANA JA105A Flying for Air Astana as P4-NAS
Asiana Airlines HL8257 Still flying for Asiana
Austrian OE-LBA Still flying for Austrian
British Airways G-EUXE Still flying for British Airways
Cebu Pacific RP-C4111 Still flying for Cebu
Delta Airlines N318DX Still flying for Delta
Dragonair B-HTD Flying for Cathay Dragon
Etihad A6-AEB Still flying for Etihad
Etihad 2015 A6-AED Still flying for Etihad
EVA Air B-16219 Still flying for EVA
Finnair OH-LZG Still flying for Finnair
Frontier Virginia N704FR Still flying for Frontier
Gulf Air A9C-CA Still flying for Gulf Air
Iberia EC-IXD Still flying for Iberia
JetBlue N983JT Still flying for JetBlue
MEA OD-RMJ Flew for Zagros Airlines from 2017-2019, now Stored
Philippines Airlines RP-C9907 Still flying for PAL
Qatar Airways A7-ADS Still flying for Qatar
Spirit N662NK Still flying for Spirit
SWISS HB-IOO Still flying for SWISS
Thomas Cook G-TCDE Stored after Thomas Cook ceased operations
Turkish Airlines TC-JRP Still flying for Turkish Airlines
VietJet Air VN-A660 Flying for Thai VietjetAir as HS-VKG
Vietnam Airlines VN-A335 Still flying for Vietnam Airlines
Wizz Air HA-LXG Still flying for Wizz Air
Airbus A330F
Livery Registration Where is it today?
Etihad Cargo A6-EYH Still flying for Etihad
Turkish Airlines Cargo TC-JCV Scrapped in 2012
UPS N156UP Airbus A300F still flying for UPS
Airbus A330-300
Livery Registration Where is it today?
Aeroflot VP-BLX Still flying for Aeroflot
Air Asia X 9M-XXD Still flying for Air Asia X
Air Canada C-FYLU Never used on the A330. FYLU was an A340 flew for AC until 2008, then SWISS until 2016. Now scrapped
Airbus None Unavailable
Cathay Pacific None Unavailable
China Airlines B-18301 Still flying for China Airlines
Delta None Unavailable
Egypt Air SU-GDU Still flying for Egypt Air
Air France F-GZCP Crashed in the Atlantic Ocean as AF447
Garuda Indonesia PK-GPA Still flying for Garuda
Korean Airlines None Unavailable
Lufthansa D-AIKN Still flying for Lufthansa
SAS None Unavailable
Singapore Airlines 9V-STO Flying for Brussels Airlines as OO-SFF
South African Airways ZS-SXI Still flying for SAA
Srilankan Airlines 4R-ALL Still flying for Srilankan
SWISS None Unavailable
Thai Airways HS-TEN Still flying for Thai Airways
WOW Air TF-WOW Flying for Turkish Airlines as TC-LOK
Airbus A340
Livery Registration Where is it today?
Airbus F-WCCA Fictional
Etihad Formula One A6-EHJ Stored in 2017
Lufthansa D-AIKN Never used on the A340 (see A330)
Qatar Airways A7-AGB Stored in 2019, to be scrapped
South African ZS-SNF Still flying for SAA
Thai Airways HS-TEN Never used on the A340 (see A330)
Virgin Atlantic None Unavailable
Virgin Old G-VNAP Still flying for Virgin Atlantic
Airbus A380
Livery Registration Where is it today?
Air Austral F-OPAS Fictional
Air France F-HPJA Still flying for Air France
Asiana Airlines HL7625 Still flying for Asiana
British Airways G-XLEA Still flying for British Airways
Emirates A6-EDA Still flying for Emirates
Etihad A6-APA Still flying for Etihad
Korean Airlines HL7611 Still flying for Korean
Lufthansa D-AIMB Still flying for Lufthansa (named München @Moritz)
Malaysia Airlines 9M-MNA Still flying for Malaysia
Qantas VH-OQA Still flying for Qantas (Plane from Qantas Flight 32)
Qatar A7-AKA Still flying for Qatar as A7-APA
Singapore Airlines 9V-SKD Stored in 2018 as 9H-DPD
Thai Airways HS-MAR Never flew under this registration. HS-MAR is a Diamond DA-42
Transaero VP-TRA Never flew under this registration

Special thanks to @Jan and his amazing database:

Part 2: Boeing


Very interesting topic, but just as i started reading, i could point out a mistake. N808FR (Frontier A318) is scrapped, not flying for them. Anyway, quite informative and good luck with the rest


Thanks! Fixed it :)


Super cool post, thanks for sharing!

Made some research on D-AGBJ and found this here:


Oh Wow! I know for a fact that making these kinds of posts can be very time consuming. Amazing Work Marc. I’ll be sure to read up on the info you have provided us, Thanks 😊


Thanks Julian, fixed it! That’s weird actually. I couldn’t believe that this registration wouldn’t exist myself so I looked for it at three times and it never found something. Maybe an issue with the search 👀


very interesting and fun topic to read!!


Yeah, sounded to odd to belive to me as well, hence my search.

Interesting airplane history for it as well.

Glad I was able to help!


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Can say the same, it’s a part of the journey when writing long, detailed, posts with information. So far reading the main post and I’ve learned a lot I didn’t know, this is truly great stuff, can’t wait for Part 2 ✌


😂 Always gets me…


This is awesome can’t wait for Boeing!!


I’m embarassed to admit this, but I never realized that ACJ 4 had a registration with my name.

Nice list you got, Marc.


This is fantastic! Can’t imagine the time it took to make this.

Looking forward to the next iterations.


Wow, amazing work there! Guess my challenge now is to get a real life spotting pic for all of them 🤔


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Turkish Airlines Cargo TC-JCV Scrapped in 2012 😣😥😓😔☹🙁😞😖😟😢😭😦😧😨😩😰😱🥵🥶😵🤒🤢🤮🥺✈🛩🛫🛬 i am soooooo sad.


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Thanks for putting the effort into making this, @Marc!


Hmm interesting, from what I found, A7-AKA is a Cessna 560 from 1998 which was registered in 2012 and last flew September this year…

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