The plane you mostly fly on

Hey guys what are the planes you mostly fly on
me I fly on 737’s but now I fly on crj’s
so, what are the planes you fly on


mostly 737’s but took some long hauls but havent flown in a bit

737s and A321s everywhere

huh mostly i would be hearing just 737’s

Well let’s list all the flights I’ve ever been on

RSW-ACY I don’t remember

EWR-SFO 757-200
SFO-KOA 737-900
KOA-SFO 737-900
SFO-EWR 777-200

So 737-900 I guess lol

A320 for last time, but 5 years back 737

so you fly on a320’s now?

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777 24 times.

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Yes, last ride is A320 on Oct 2019

I’ve flown on the A320 series 25 times. That’s a lot more than any other type I’ve flown.
This topic is rather similar:

wow looks like you flew more than me
only 13 for me

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The mighty Embraer 175! Practically all we get on the airline I fly on

well thats new

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A320 family. Flown it about 30 times.

oh goodness

Since 2015, I’ve flown on the following types of aircrafts, sadly I don’t have data from 2005 to 2014

11 times on Boeing 737-800
6 times on Airbus A320neo
4 times on Airbus A319
1 time on Airbus A320
1 time on Airbus A321
1 time on Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
1 time on ATR72-500

So it is the A320 family with 12 flights as of now

ehh not too bad

I asked my dad when how many times i flew on a 737
and he said 96 times

777-300ER, around 11 times

nice i wish i could go back on the 777 but now i fly on 787