The plane is pitching (V/S bug)

Hello, I’m not any video to show it to you but it’s been going on for months and in any form.

It started with a KSEA - NZAA flight in 77W 3 months ago.
I set the altitude to 34,000 and once the cruising altitude reaches the aircraft at a V/S between +1000 and -1000. This says that the aircraft goes from FL340 to FL338 and FL342…

And finally it does this to me with all the planes, I’m on Approach to LSGG and my plane is pitching at FL090 with a V/S of +800/-800

One time even he gave me a 8000/-8000 bump
I wasn’t worried at first I thought it was the wind or the weight of the plane, but in fact it’s in all forms I tried to change the trim, it didn’t do anything…

I’m doing this today after 3 months to warn that there must be a problem with the simulator or myself

PS: This problem happened to some of my friends, but mostly to me.
Also when you put the thrust on the throttle the plane shows much faster than expected (example FPM: +3000?, the plane will go to 10.000 VS …) or when I start my descent it goes from negative to positive FPM by going up instead of going down.

I don't think you can understand what I said, let me know, thanks.


I’ve got the issue aswell seems to be an autopilot issue lets hope its fixed in the rework

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What’s your speed and trim?

Maybe because of some flaps you put out? If yes it should stop after a short period of time

Yes, I have the same sometimes…

Yes my Autoland malfunctions sometimes.

Also the 777 is not the best aircraft when descending in IF. Read multiple different problems with it

In cruise it’s M: 0.84 never too fast never too slow and my trim is -10% (but is not the problem)

In Approach I thought it was a lack of Flaps but it’s 180kts now.

Oh the 777, I haven’t had problems with it before. But I do have problems with the A321

In descent you have to manage the speed below M : 0.77 maximum but this is not the main problem at the moment.

Me : A320 Familly, 777 Familly, 747 etc

The 747, doesn’t have autoland. You’ll never find me in one.

That’s what I do with pretty much every airplane

Auto Pilot, by no means am I talking about APPR…

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This is a known issue with the autopilot on the 77W and A321, specifically. I experience this bobbing issue too. To fix this temporarily-

When you get to your desired altitude-

  1. Turn ALT off
  2. Adjust V/S to 0 so that you are at your desired altitude
  3. Leave V/S at 0 and keep ALT off

All right, I’ll try immediately on my next flight (in 1 hour).

Ok, ça marche plutôt bien, je vous accorde la “Solution” mais le problème n’est pas encore résolu, mais merci beaucoup ;)
Now we have to deal with this problem, what will be resolved, I hope, will happen. in 20.1.

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