The plane broke a record with 1088 passengers Operation Solomon

The plane broke a record with 1088 passengers
It all started that Israel remission cost the Ethiopian Jewry to Israel on 5 January 1985 was terminated over the Jews of Ethiopia to Sudan and from there flown to Israel delicate operation more famous name Operation Solomon in May from Ethiopia Be attempt to overthrow the Emperor Israel understood that feel a danger to Jews when they signed an agreement with the Emperor take them fast operation was considered to be very complex at night 24-25 May 1991 landed in the Israeli air Force aircraft C-130 Boeing 707 of the Israeli Air Force And Ethiopian Airlines plane Boeing 747-200 EL AL flown a total of 30 aircraft of the Israeli air force’s El Al passenger planes and cargo planes
Landed at the airport in Addis Ababa and took a total of 14,400 people were flown from Addis Ababa to Ben Gurion Airport on the same plane comes 4X-AXF of EL AL flight was flown in 1086 during two children were born in 1088 total Each operation was over 36 passenger plane eventually turned to be a cargo plane
No plane broke this record The plane eventually destroyed
Each year the Ethiopian community celebrates this day arrived in Israelimage


Yea, I heard about this… Somebody said there was another passenger when they landed because someone had a baby!

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Not trying to be rude here, but I can’t understand what you say because it’s a run-on sentence.


1088 people on a 747? Wow. I wonder how they loaded and unloaded the plane and worked out the centre of gravity? That works out as about 90 tons of payload for the passengers alone.
Thanks for sharing OP.

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When you’re evacuating out of a war zone, you don’t care too much about CG. Keep it under MZFW, push the throttles to max thrust and fly the plane by feel. No fancy calculations here when you’re at risk of being shot at.


My logic;

No one dared to shoot the queen of the skys, so 747 is a life saver :)

now if it was a a380…

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Basically barely cargo was one and in 1088 passenger then 4x-Axf So it was a passenger plane then the Israeli army because it was not flying EL AL was flying army then the soldiers have received them just told them to sit where possible as the services it just shows where aircraft can not compete in the famous fine of 747 A380 can accommodate more passengers never tested it, and according to Guinness record fine of 1,088 flights this fine record

Record for: most passengers and longest run-on sentence! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


My last name is Solomon!

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Where the fullstops/periods at tho?


I’m not the only one that couldn’t read any of this? Cool

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This entire Hebrew Bible King Solomon’s famous king of Judaism

I’m lost…

Sorry if I have spelling mistakes in English it is not my mother tongue

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You just need to remember to place full stops and commas in between each phrase and sentence. For example, <-- (comma) I am using a comma and full stop right now. <-- (full stop). It shows where you are having a pause in a sentence or ending a sentence and starting a new one :-)

Okay thank you

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Two babies were born!

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