The Place I Call 'Home'

Yesterday, I took a flight from my home airport - Huntsville International Airport (KHSV) - to Quito - Mariscal Sucre International Airport (SEQM), with a stopover at Atlanta International Airport (KATL). The flight was a beautiful one from start to finish, especially the approach into Quito. Follow me for the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Server - Expert Server
  • Route - KHSV - KATL - SEQM
  • Plane - LATAM A320
  • Duration - 6:55 minutes, with a long stopover at KATL

We are now leaving Huntsville International Airport, my home airport, Off we go!

Welcome to my hometown, Decatur! It’s just a small metropolis on the side of the Tennessee River, a good place to live and fly!
Welcome to Atlanta, the main hub for Delta and a recent site of the world-famous Friday Night Flight!

We are now at the International Terminal of KATL, where the majority of our passengers will board. Just four hours to go!

…And off we go again, this time to South America!

We are now passing over Havana, Cuba, the main metropolis of Cuba.

After crossing the Darién Gap, we have reached land, and consequently, the Colombian island of La Florida.

Here we go. The make-or-brake point…will I make it safely or crash into the Andes?

After a rather scary approach, I was able to butter/grease the landing on SEQM’s Runway 18. @Anthony_Williams is waiting for me as I arrive!

Kudos to @Anthony_Williams for guiding me to my gate! And welcome to the Hidden Jewel of the Andes, Quito!

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This is amazing love it.


Nice photos, seems like an interesting route there!


It’s a fun approach! I’ve tried it a bit, well done!


Nice shots there bud!

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