The pilot died yesterday Ran Packer One of the leading in Israeli air force

Ran Packer Born in 1936. in 1954 He joined the aviation course IAF He started on Spitfire After it passed plane Gloster Meteor Was the first jet plane in Israeli air force


plane Gloster Meteor of IAF.

In 1965 Squadron commander appointed Mirage Sea Years after past Dogfight Hard facing commander pilot Hawker Hunter.

4 Mirage 3

Until 1969 Won 7 Dogfights 5 abortions were using a cannon
1 abortion was Hawker Hunter Another MiG-19 had an abortion The rest of his kills were MiG-21

MiG-21 Egyptian.

Ran Pecker was also consul Israel in Los Angeles.

he is dead At the age of 80

story The dogfights in IAF Including the famous battle Against the pilot Hawker Hunter.

Operation focus In Six Day War Israeli air force 450 aircraft destroyed Of Egypt, Jordan and Syria 90 percent Destroyed the land.


R.I.P. What a amazing story.

So he was born twice?

I think there should be a full stop between “in 1936” and “in 1954”.

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Yeah, I am just making a joke.

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Great story but ever hear of punctuation?

In 1954 he joined the pilot course

This is a big deal in Israel It’s probably less than other countries

Ok, the story is great. What’s not great is having to guess where commas and periods belong to make these run-on sentences make sense.

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