The Philosophy of Airplanes

A long time ago, someone of our kind saw a bird take off and fly away into the sky. This created the want for humans to fly, to leave the Earth, this giant rock. So one day someone created a story about people who made wings like birds and flew, up, up. Then great thinkers developed a way to harness the power of wind and glide. It was an amazing experience- for anyone who was able to access one of these creations. Then, just over 100 years ago, Aviation, powered flight as we know it, came to life. This started the age of extraordinary technology.

Do you know the legend of Icarus?

Yes, he escaped prison but them flew too close to the sun- the wax holding his wings together melted and he died. (Short version of the story)


Maybe you can add it to your text. It may be the best way to represent how our ancestors thought they could fly, and then connect it with the rest of it.

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