The Phantastic Portland flyout 30DEC23

Welcome to the best airport in the USA, Portland. KPDX is a major hub for Alaska Airlines with 51 routes around North America. KPDX serves 19 airlines with 77 destinations around the world from long international flights to 30 minute hops. Join me on this awesome fly out!

This event will take place on the expert server

Portland International. KPDX



C5 Alaska 737-900 to KLAX
C6 Alaska 737-900 to KLAS
C7 Alaska 737-900 to KSFO
C8 Alaska 737-900 to KSAN
C9 Alaska 737-900 to KSEA-@Ryan_15
C10 Alaska 737-900 to KJFK
C11 Alaska 737-900 to KORD
C13 Alaska 737-900 to KPHX
C14 Alaska 737-900 to KDEN
C15 Alaska 737-900 to KLAX
C17 Alaska 737-900 to KMCO - @Prestoni
B3 Horizon E175 to KSEA
B7 Horizon E175 to KSBA
B9 Horizon E175 to KMFR
B10 Horizon E175 to KSPB
B11 Horizon E175 to KFAT
E6 United A320 to KSFO
E7 United 737-800 to KDEN
E5 United 737-900 to KIAH
E4 United 737-900 to KEWR
E3 United 737-800 to KORD
E8 Southwest 737-700 to KOAK
E9 Southwest 737-800 to KLAS - @RagonDragon
E10 Southwest 737-800 to KMDW
E11 Southwest 737-700 KPHX
D11 Delta A330 to EHAM-@Apple_Haye
D9 Delta 757 to KATL - @Mason_Lennox
D7 Delta A320 to KLAX
D6 Delta 737-900 to KJFK - @Kaiya
D5 Sun Country 737-800 to KMSP- @Mort
C19 American A321 to Dallas- @NonStopsAviation
C21 American Eagle E175 to KLAX
C23 American A321 to KCLT
C20 Jetblue A321 to KJFK
D10 Jetblue A220 to KBOS-@Jetblue1269
D15 British Airways 777-200 to EGLL-@anon87523340
D14 Condor A330 neo to EDFF
E13 Air Canada Express Q-400 to YVR - @member_of_oneworld


UPS ramp 6 UPS DC-10F to KSDF
Central GA ramp 7 Fedex feeder C208 to KRDM
Cebtral GA ramp Ameriflight TBM-930 Generic to KMFR
South UPS ramp 1 UPS DC-10F KSEA
South UPS ramp 3 Cathay cargo 747-800 to KLAX


Ground: @Jake_Judge
Tower: @Jake_Judge
Atis: @Jake_Judge

If you sign up for a Southwest flight please park in the united gates. Infinite editing team has not made the new Southwest terminal at KPDX.


  • I am not responsible for any violations

  • Listen to ATC

  • Have fun

If you want a different route tell me and i can make it happen!

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KAMS? Did you mean EHAM?

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Yes please

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boy oh boy do I love the butter Neo

Oh yeah i fix it

Thank you guys for joining. ill get you guys signed up!

plz and thx

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ill get you down!

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Ummmm i just relized that IF hasnt added the new terminal for southwest so if you sign up for a southwest flight just park at the E/ united gates

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me and @United403 realized that and we want it desperatley

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Yeah they need to add it

these dont exists

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Yeah they looked a bit sketchy i saw them on google. Thanks for telling me!

Jwtblue a220 to BOS please

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i got you!

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Thank you!!

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Lets get some more signups!

Any one else wanna come to Portland?

why is it so quiet over here. lets get some more signups