The Perfect Storm Rescue the story of Jolly 110


It’s 1991, October 27th. Hurricane Grace is forming over the Bahamas. As Hurricane Grace forms it will slowly start moving its way north towards the East Coast. At the same time as Hurricane Grace a north eastern storm. The F/V Andrea Gail, captained by Captain Frank W. “Billy” Tyne Jr. departed. Captain Tyne decided head towards Flemish Cap. A location about 350 miles from St John’s Newfound land. On October 28th at 1800L the F/V Andrea Gail declared a mayday call. The F/V Andrea Gail gave its coordinates to the F/V Hannah Boden. The F/V Andrea Gail was 162 Miles from Sable Island. With 80 knot winds, the seas were 30ft. They have entered the Perfect Storm. Captain Tyne’s final recorded words were “She’s comin’ on, boys, and she’s comin’ on strong.” Other vessels in the region reported seas were 100ft. On October 30th the 106th Rescue Wing from the New York Air National Guard, the US Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard began a 186,000 square nautical miles search for the vessel. As the Air Guards HH60 began searching for the vessel the crew the crew ran into bingo fuel. The Air Guard crew requested the support of the KC-130. Due to the turbulence and the severe weather the KC-130 could not provide fuel for the helicopter. Jolly 110 captain, Major Ruvola made the decision to ditch the helicopter into the sea while the engines were still running. At 2130L engine number one flamed out. The Helicopter running on one engine begins enter a hover. The crew jumped out. Engine number two fails Major Ruvola puts his helicopter into a hover autorotation entering the water. Over 100 miles from Montauk Point the crew survive 80-100ft waves, 80 knots. Five hours into the Search for Jolly 110 the US Coast Guard find four of the five crew. To this day, Rick Smith has never been found.

On 9 November the Canadian Coast Guard called off the search of the F/V Andrea Gail. Due to the low probability of crew survivability. A US Coast Guard Helicopter was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for actions for its rescue of the Anne Kristina. In 2000 a movie known as the “Perfect Storm” was made based off the events from the F/V Andrea Gail, and the Search operations.


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