The perfect gift from Infinite Flight

Well. 22.1 is out. Was playing around earlier and was able to get this shot. Thank you Devs. In return, I give you this photo.

Server: Solo
Aircraft: A220 jetBlue

What do you think?
  • I love it!😍
  • It’s good😊
  • You had one jobπŸ˜•

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Anyways, I have more yet to explore!

πŸ‘‹πŸ½ Bye bye


My vote is a meme, do not take it seriously, I believe it is absolutely stunning and beautiful, great job!


Thanks! lol


Very nice! It’s so cool to see atlanta with 3D buildings!

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What @Kat said.
Seriously though, this is absolutely beautiful! I love it, glad you’re enjoying the update!

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@BlueThunder08 @Thomas_Cunningham

Thanks! I’m pretty happy that my home airport got 3D buildings. hints at next timelaspe

Can’t wait to see the other airports when I get the time to do so!


Absolutely stunning! Love that ATL is now 3D!!

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Thanks, same as well! Will do more route out of there now with Delta like @MxP wanted to see.