The Perfect ATC Test

The practical test to become an Advanced Controller on Infinite Flight can be an extremely demanding and fast-paced experience. In order to maintain a level of professionalism and realism on the Advanced Server, it’s paramount that candidates understand all fundamentals of ATC.

I am proud to launch The Official Infinite Flight Advanced ATC YouTube Channel with our first video, “The Perfect ATC Test”. I will take you step by step through an ATC practical test, showing you how to sequence, transition aircraft, change runways, and many other core ATC procedures. Stay tuned for more great tutorials, event footage, and live streams!

The Perfect ATC Test


Nope, KASE is a Charlie

Controllers deny entry for 767+ normally from my advanced experience

They don’t really do anything if you spawn with like an A380 perhaps


Nothing larger than the 737 or A320 series at KASE. Large aircraft cause major issues there… if it were up to me, I would say nothing larger than the E175, but this is after all Infinite flight.


… news to me.

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Wow that even helped me. 😂 Thanks Tyler z


So when I become IFATC I should tell people that spawn in anything bigger than a 175 that the aircraft is too big for airport?

Seems like I mixed it up with EGE

Post removed, sorry about that


So is it Delta after all?

Yes, I would deny anything larger than a 737. Simply say “Aircraft is too large for airport.”

Also, KASE is a Charlie :)


Yep, I did the transition one wrong on my test :l Now I know ! :)

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Thank you very much.

Nice work, this is great Tyler!

Thank you very much! And already 15subs in 2 hours, nice!

Also, you should accept a lot more ATC application now! :D

When a aircraft request takeoff remaining in the pattern, does that mean they are more than likely to do a touch and go, or landing. Or can they say remaining in the pattern and still leave the airspace?

Never leave the airspace if you say remaining in the pattern. Some people do it that don’t know what they’re doing or don’t know what it means and it annoys me to death. Remaining in the pattern means following an airport’s traffic pattern. Crosswind, downwind, base, and then final.


Ah that makes sense. Thanks. I’m about to practice my ATC.

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Good luck! I wish you the best:)

How do you get to take the ATC tests if you want to become a controller?

PM a recruiter

Anyone tagged on the top post


What if we don’t know how many ATC operations we have done on the play ground server?