The Perfect ATC Test


bagaimana cara aktifkan suara atc muncul dalam ruangan copic?


Say what now?


Maaf , forum ini adalah bahasa Inggris. Saya telah mencoba untuk menerjemahkan , tapi doesnt masuk akal . Bisa anda terjemahkan itu ke dalam bahasa Inggris?


why my play not on aktif sound atc? try setting but no on aktif


Tidak ada ATC suara pada saat ini, dan para pengembang telah mengatakan bahwa mereka tidak berencana untuk menambahkannya di, karena orang-orang memancing dan tidak tahu harus berkata apa.


lol no good…text only…😂


I hate to bump a topic for the sake of bumping but what the heck,.

If you are interested in joining the IFATC team, please watch and study this video. Watch it, contact a scout to fly for you, get feedback, watch it again, and repeat.

We get messages all the time to observe potential candidates and our first questions are “How old are you” and “Did you watch the tutorial videos”. This forum contains a lot of information in chunks but seeing it in action in the video above can make all the difference in the world to comprehend what we are looking for.

Additionally if you are interested in becoming IFATC, please read and follow the instructions in these posts. Remember that ATC members also follow the rules when flying so make sure your ghostings and violations ratios are under our guidelines found in the posts below.

Thank you for your time and interest in controlling!



I remember that one 😒 I’ll be ready in a few years.


Hey Tyler, I’ve been playing a lot of infinite flight ATC. Can you tell me how many ATC operations I have done? I really want to work up to becoming an Expert server ATC. Thank you!


You currently have 259 operations.


Great thankyou!



Where can I check my amount of operations? I assume I’m quite some way out.

Also, what count as an “Operation?”


A moderator, such as Tyler (or Tom, Joe, Mark e.t.c) can check that for you. An operation is earned every time you clear for Taxi, Takeoff, and/or landing.


Im not ready to tesy but want to know my oos numbers…any help is appreciated


You have two accounts, both with the required ops (9000 and 900), but both accounts have over double violations to landings which means you do not qualify. Focus on following the rules and flying properly before persuing the ATC test. :)

Operations are counted when a clearance (landing, takeoff, ILS, GPS, etc) is issued.


I have 2 accounts?


It showed two accounts. Either way, they were both rough. Assuming you’re the account with 9,000 ops, 35 violations and 13 landings… almost all were overspeeding.


Thats crazy because i always come in landing too 🐌…and while flying the only over sppeds i remember are for taxing too fast…as far as landing i crash because if too slow and low


I’d private message you / another recruiter but apparently I can’t message.

  1. What are the requirements for being able to unlock PM’ing on this forum?

  2. Could I get an Operations check?


What is your current callsign and username? Once you’ve upgraded from new user you may PM others.