The Perfect ATC Test


bumping this back up to the top for anyone wanting to become ATC on advance server.


I wanna be but can’t send pm to any recruiter :(


Let a recruiter send you one. You can send PMs by becoming TL1 (basic user)


Thank fully sir.


I believe you actually need to be TL 2 to send PM’s.


It’s TL1 unless Philippe changed the permissions.


Hi everyone, as I’m not sure wether my PM to Tristan worked out or not, I would kindly ask any of the recruiters to PM me…
Thanks a lot. :)
Ps: nice video indeed and thanks for all the detailed answers.


I just messaged you directly.



Back up top for anyone that wishes to become ATC on advanced server. Awesome video by Tyler.


I agree. It goes in-depth into every little speck of ATC material you can find in Infinite Flight. A well spent 15 minutes if I must say.


Wow never thought I’d be interested in Atc but I was wrong I’m suprised on how much i knew ( common sense ) but a bit that is more complicated it.will have to watch it another few times.pretty cool i like. Mabie I will look into it when I get a bit more experience and I enjoyed the tutorial video a lot thank you tyler_Shelton every day is a school day never stop learning.


I also think this would be an excellent video for pilots to watch as well. It shows the proper commands and when to use them. Also a great example of remaining in the pattern and coming in from an outside airport.


Why would you ? Cheats never prosper it like learning a trade I done four years learning electrics if you don’t know what your doing on the job you are soon found out


Agreed I just watched it now I’m more educated 👍


And buy (why would you ) I ment why would anybody. sorry Paul_petropoulos just read back what I posted and it looked like I was asking you personally I was asking the people that would


Great vid Tyler. Excellent work! Tanks.


My test didn’t go as perfect as this 😁


If you need practice before your test, contact myself or any other scouter :)


He’s working with Josh already Paul