The Perfect ATC Test


From my understanding, those appear once you become advanced(?)


Ops appear after you are an advanced controller

I’d say around 10 times of PG controlling is around 250 ops


Oh, so it won’t show you, you just have to know how many times until you think your ready?


Jett, just contact one of the recruiters. We will check out your operations during the process! :) about 1-2 weeks on the PG and you’ll be just fine!


Ok thank you Tyler!


Love it Tyler! Perfect. But ain’t you afraid people will
Maybe just copy off the video and not get the knowledge maybe…?


They can land or do a touch and go; both is covered by th option.

If remaining the in pattern is announced, it’s expected that the pilot will not leave the airspace before completing at least one circuit. After one circuit, the pilot would request a departure in the direction they wish to fly.


No, I’m not too worried. We’ll continue to improve our testing process and ensure each candidate is qualified. The tests aren’t intended to trick nor does this video contain worldly secrets. I wan’t everyone interested to have the opportunity to learn and participate. If they don’t meet the standard, we’ll help and retest if necessary.


You really know your stuff! Thanks for answer. I see your point:)


@Tyler_Shelton I’ve been controlling Tower and Ground on ATC Playground for a while now. How does one take this test?


As you are not the level yet on the forum, let him PM you


PM sent. :)


And another thing, you don’t need to ask transition if you are above 3100 feet (for this airfield).

Don’t know why?

  • As you don’t enter their airspace! :)


Now for all the people who were complaining that we don’t have enough advanced atc controllers this is your response


:( can’t go for my test yet. I’m 14 soon tho


This can´t be said too many times.

But, freaking awesome work Tyler!


Even tho this is “Pinned” needs to be back up at the top frequently.


@Tyler_Shelton… “BZ” Mr. Shelton you “Do Good Work”! (I dob’t care what the Boss sez!). Respectfully, Max


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Nice VDO. Please continue your fantastic works.