The Parking lot @KSJC

yesterday i went to the hourly lot 2 and decided to take some shots. this is only my second time spotting and they’re all taking on my iPhone XR

Alaska 737-900(ER) taxiing to gate (arrived from seattle)

Delta A220 pushing back from gate

Delta A220 (same as above) taking off to Salt Lake City

Southwest 737-700 Taking off heading to Santa Ana

Which one is your favorite?

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Love the pictures! I will be flying to SJC in a few weeks


3 of my favorite airlines and aircraft!
Amazing photos


thank you, flown there a few times, decent airport!

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thank you! maybe you’ll see some of these soon 👀


I have some plane spotting photos from my home airport KJAC

Yeah not bad, not very busy, that’s for sure

@BigBert10 is going to love this, nice shots!!!

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lol thank you

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Need to revisit the quality section and make sure were really offering quality photos.