The Palouse Pullman Flyout 06JAN24

Let’s roll everybody! Begin pushback, startup, etc.

@Javery_Mclean Nothing like pushing back into someone lol

@Prestoni please explain this madness 🧐🧐🤣🤣💀💀

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Prestoni doin donuts lmaoo


lol im heading to Boise so you can follow

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Yep lol and you doing donuts

Bc @Javery_Mclean pushed into me so i dodged him then @Apple_Haye spawned in right when i tried to taxi around, then had to turn back around lol

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Damn @United403 early rotation

Easiest 4000VS ever 😏😏😏😏😏

Space shuttle statice

I was about to say I looked away for 3 seconds and he was already in the air lol

I think that was about 5 seconds

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That was a rocket lol

It’s just me, my 10 pound backpack, and my bison Albert

Apologies… Greg is my brother’s bison

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Don’t you just love it when the winds interfere with ur speed


Boise here I come

@Cole_Woodard can I share my 4 events

@Cole_Woodard Me too?

You can both share 1 event


This deserves some more attention