The Palm Tree Flight!

Earlier this week me and @NYFLFlyer22 did a long haul. This was my first successful long haul flight.

Our route was from LFPG Paris to KFLL Fort Lauderdale, we were flying on Expert Server with the Norwegian Boeing 787-9

Here I am rotating out of Paris in the moonlight sky

And now the sun starts to come up as we are somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean

As the passengers look off to there left, they see beautiful Nantucket.

And we are now on final for runway 28L at Fort Lauderdale!

Here we are on short final as we got closer to the runway

And as we are about to land the passengers are really happy to be in Fort Lauderdale.

And I even made the passengers even more happier after my smooth landing.

And here is @NYFLFlyer22 kindly waiting for me to park!

Thank you for viewing this post!!


Great Pictures! I think 1, 2, and 8 are the best.

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Thank you so much!!

Pictures are pretty cool! You got some good angles, keep it up!

Thank you for the kind words

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Didn’t know you were making a thread or that it was your first successful long haul! Love the pics and thanks for the fun flight!

Thank you it was for sure a nice flight

Ahh, you flew into my home airport! Glad you had a nice flight.

Your airport is really nice!!