The P-8 Poseidon

So I’m sitting on my deck at my apartment watching a USN P-8 Posieden doing pattern work at Dobbins ARB. The aircraft is probably based out of Jacksonville and they come to Dobbins ARB where it’s less busy to run patterns.

The P-8 is based on the Boeing 737-800ERX

So that got me to look it up again and found an interesting article about it and a video of a Chinese encounter that I also added. It’s a 2 webpage read but informative


If everything does work as planned I am going to see a P-3 Orion on this weekend closeup or maybe even do get a look inside.

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I saw a P-8 when it came for the KPIT Airshows last year, also saw it whan all the mil traffic was departing over our school, and we were outside for gym, and I Kept freaking out like “looooooookkkkkkk! It’s an F22!!!” I think everyone thought I had just about lost it, and I lost points for effort since I do a lot of standing and screaming about B-52s, but whatever, enough of my stories…

Cool plane!


I wouldn’t had done anything else!

Hey B52 might not be the most modern,… airplanes anymore but they are still unique. Just a shame more and more get retired. Especially with the new not yet fully unveiled bomber.

Ever heard a supersonic Boom?

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