The P-3s are back!

After spending more then 55 years of active military services, the P-3 Orion finds it’s new life once again as an aerial fire bomber. Air Strike LLC has been in service for more then 20 years, but due to government red tape the P-3s were suspended.

In 2011 the US Forestry canceled contracts for six very large air trankers, the Forestry stated Aero Union “failing to meet its contractual obligations” their P-3 air tankers are no longer available for wildfires. In April, 2011 the company had eight P-3 air tankers that were grounded for a few days because of “issues found during aircraft inspection on one of the P-3s”. Since then it appears that two of their eight P-3’s were removed from the contract, leaving the six that today’s announcement said are now off contract as well. The air tankers that are now out of service are T-17, T-21, T-22, T-23, T-27 and T-00.

On September 7th Tanker T-23 made it’s first drop since 2011. Scott A. Schorzman, Airstrike VP for Business Development, said the work on T-22 is nearly done. When finished it will be operated by Airstrike. Airstrike Firefighters has Call When Needed Contracts with four states, California, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon.

Original story written by me but here’s more more information on the return of the P-3


Nice! Looks like a pretty cool airplane.

When I read the title I thought it was talking about the P3 Snack packets XD.


Nice you got to see the p-3 again!

also 55 years in military services 😳 that takes dedication, congrats to you!

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They’re not the oldest flying birds of the Military! The C-130 has been supporting the military over 60 years!

Woah really? Didn’t know the C-130 is that old! Guess you learn something new everyday

Yes! And the C-130 is still being produced it hold the record for the longest produced aircraft!


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