The overflowing of new VA's

The va database was recently cleansed by @Carson, @hubandspoke1 and my self. I know they both worked really hard to remove all those VA’s and clean this catagory up.This is not and I repeat not and invitation to either:one restart the VA closed and then go back to being inactive two:make a huge amount of va’s in less than 12 hours of the cleaning of the data base just so you can say you own a VA and three make Va’s that clearly have no effort put into them

I talked to some people I know and there right this getting out of hand please stop I hope that @hubandspoke1 grading system design can help clean this huge amount of va’s with no effort put in this last 12 hours.This is my rant if anyone has something to add to this let me know


This isn’t necessary. Continue in the topic Carson posted yesterday.