The Outback from 32,000

Let’s change it up by adding a 77W to all those 757 photos :) This was a nice short 14 hr flight from Sydney to Dubai aboard Emirates. A smooth cruise with barely any wind — literally, the wind wasn’t above 12 kts until we hit a jet stream off Oman. Overall a great flight, and everyone was utilizing procedures at Dubai! Although after initially announcing for 30R and thereafter making a clear and early switch to 30L, someone dived in and began tailgating my aircraft, leading to a rather rushed Landing and runway exit… Anyway, here are some photos highlighting the beauty of the Australian landscape!

Lining up with a turbulence warning from the Qatari A380 ahead

The incredible landscape of Australia

Perks of the Captain’s view

But the passengers are enjoying the experience as well and certainly not missing out

Testing out the new drone cam for a photo of some interesting old river depressions(?)

Scenic cam with a great angle highlighting the detail of the recently updated 77W

Final breathtaking view of the landscape before crossing the Indian Ocean on our continuing journey to Dubai

Thanks for stopping by, and let me know which photo was you favorite!


My favorite photo was the passanger view of the Emerites 777-300er. Beautiful view.

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