The OshKosh Event - Day 1 of 6

The OshKosh Event!

Hello Fellow Aviators! Today was the first day of the OshKosh EAA AirVenture Event! This is an event hosted by @NvAviator and it will continue throughout the week! I will be flying to and from OshKosh on my Ipad throughtout the week! I will be making a new screenshot thread for every flight that has been done! And if your in OshKosh in real life! Enjoy yourself, I wish I was there, With that being said, Enjoy!

Thanks for viewing! And stay safe Aviators! ✈

ATC Shoutouts Today!

: @MJP_27, @IF787

Thanks for the service guys!

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Awesome! Thanks for attending, Friday morning do you want to fly in the 172 with me as I take the journey back to Nevada?


Sure! Sounds like fun!

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I wish so badly I could’ve even just attended the event in IF. But I don’t have a subscription at the moment πŸ˜”

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@DeerCrusher how do I pay for a month of somebody’s subscription?

You can give a giftcard or contact if or log in to there account snd buy or hack it