The Orlando Fly-out! @KMCO- 291500ZFEB20

Welcome to the Orlando Flyout!

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And my very first event on the Infinite Flight Community!

Why Orlando International?

Orlando International is the busiest airport in the state of Florida and the 10th busiest in the country!
The hub airlines for Orlando are: Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, and Spirit! Orlando has over 850 daily flights with over 44 different airlines! Orlando is one of the largest airports in the USA in land area!


Aircraft Gate Destination Pilot Username
Southwest 737-700 Gate 109 KATL
Frontier A320 Gate14 KLAS
Jetblue E190 Gate 7 KDCA @Armani_B
United 737-900 Gate 44 KCLE @United2
Jetblue A320 Gate 11 KBDL @Jayson_Martinez
Alaska 737-900 Gate 112 KPDX
Southwest 737-800 Gate 110 KCLE
Southwest 737-700 Gate 123 KCMH
Southwest 737-700 Gate 122 KBWI
Jetblue A320 Gate 4 KSJC
Delta 757-200 Gate 78 KMSP
Southwest 737-700 Gate 12 KMDW
Southwest 737-800 Gate 105 KPIT @Mr_yellow
Jetblue A320 Gate 1 KALB @PacificRunway
Emirates 777-300ER Gate 86 OMDB @United2
American A321 Gate 54 KDFW @nativetoalaska
Frontier A321 Gate 17 TJSJ @Udeme_Ekpo
Frontier A321 Gate 11 KDEN
American A321 Gate 56 KLAX
Spirit A321 Gate 31 KIAH
Spirit A320 Gate 33 KPHL
American A321 Gate 57 KLGA
Air Canada 767-300 Gate 96 CYYZ @MJP_27
Alaska 737-900 Gate 111 KSEA
Frontier A320 Gate 23 KATL @CaptainZac
Lufthansa 747-400 Gate 87 EDDF @A350iscool
Alaska 737-800 Gate 112 KSFO
Virgin Atlantic 747-700 (Use 787-9 for route) Gate 81 EGGC @Dreadjack888
British Airways 777-200ER Gate 80 EGLL @Cooper
American 737-800 TWA Livery Gate 53 KMIA @Captain_Merka
Note: More gates will be added if needed


  • This event is on the Expert Server Please act appropriately
  • Please use Unicom respectfully. In the event of IFATC present, please follow all instructions.
  • Have Fun!

Server: Expert
Time/ Date:2020-02-29T15:00:00Z

KMCO Airport Diagram

This event is now Sposored by @anon89274317!

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Private gates

You get to choose your Gate/Destination/Aircraft!

Aircraft Gate Destination
A318 2 KMIA @Thunderbolt
More gates will be added if neccasary

Thanks! I hope you can make it to my very first flyout!!

Huge thanks to @Captain_Merka for making the table for the routes!


I’d suggest making the gates into a table, it’s quite bundled up. 🙂

Yes I tried that, the table was not cooperating ;)

I will try making it later :)

I just landed at MCO and it’s a wonderful airport! Unfortunately I can’t come but I will make a gate table for you if you’d like! I can have it done in the next couple of days

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MCO Is is great airport…

And please, feel free to do that! I would love it! Thank you for the offer!

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MCO is a very nice airport, I’ve been here twice as a kid to go to Disneyland! I love the transit between the terminals.


I will take this gate thank you!

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Thank you for being my First ever signup!

Enjoy the event!

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No problem excited to come

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May I have this one?

Its yours!

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If only…

Cries inside

I wish

Can we get any more Attendees?

I was just at this airport last weekend. 🙌

I’ll take Gate 107 with a Southwest 737-700 to Richmond (KRIC), please.

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You have been signed up! Enjoy the event!

Is there any Copa gate to MPTO?
If not I’ll take gate 7 to DCA, thanks

I’ll take this gate please!

I’m a bit mad because there’s no gatwick flight…

Your signed up!

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