The Orlando Fly Out 21JAN24

Welcome to the Orlando Fly Out. You most likely know Orlando for its theme parks, which is how i know them too, Orlando is home to Disney World, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Orlando. The airport is a major international gateway for the mid-Florida region, with over 850 daily flights on 44 airlines with 50 million passengers a year. The airport also serves 135 domestic and international destinations. Come join me on this awesome fly out

This event will take place on the expert server

Orlando International. KMCO



Airside 1

Gate 1 Jetblue A321 to New York

Gate 3 Jetblue A320 to Washington National

Gate 4 Jetblue A320 to San Juan - @Gabriel_Figueroa

Gate 5 Jetblue A321 to Boston

Gate 6 Jetblue A320 to Raleigh/Durham

Gate 7 Jetblue A320 to Providence

Gate 8 Jetblue A321 to Punta Cana

Gate 9 Jetblue A321 to Salt Lake City - @RagonDragon

Gate 10 Frontier A320 to Atlanta

Gate 11 Frontier A321 to Baltimore

Gate 12 Frontier A321 to Philadelphia

Gate 13B Frontier A320 to La Guardia

Gate 14 Frontier A321 to Denver

Gate 15 Frontier A320 to Houston Hobby

Gate 16 Frontier A320 to Clevland

Gate 17 Frontier A321 to Las Vegas

Gate 20 Spirit A321 to Las Vegas

Gate 22 Spirit A320 to Austin

Gate 23 Spirit A320 to Detroit

Gate 24 Spirit A320 to Houston

Gate 25 Spirit A320 to Nashville

Gate 26 Spirit A320 to Chicago

Gate 27 Spirit A321 to Newark

Gate 28 Spirit A321 to Atlanta

Airside 2

Gate 101 Southwest 737-800 to Las Vegas

Gate 102 Sothwest 737-700 to Baltimore

Gate 103 Southwest 737-800 to La Guardia

Gate 104 Southwest 737-800 to Chicago Midway

Gate 105 Southwest 737-700 to Atlanta

Gate 106 Southwest 737-700 to Aruba

Gate 107 Southwest 737-800 to Phoenix

Gate 108 Southwest 737-800 to Sacramento

Gate 109 Southwest 737-700 to Fort Lauderdale

Gate 110 Southwest 737-800 to Nashville

Gate 111 Alaska 737-900 to Seattle

Gate 112 Alaska 737-900 to Portland - @Prestoni

Gate 120 Southwest 737-800 to Detroit

Gate 121 Southwest 737-800 to New Orleans

Gate 122 Southwest 737-700 to Dallas Love Field

Gate 123 Southwest 737-700 to Tulsa

Gate 124 Southwest 737-800 to Islip

Gate 125 Southwest 737-700 to Buffalo

Gate 126 Southwest 737-800 to Pittsburgh

Gate 127 Southwest 737-800 to Washington National

Gate 128 Southwest 737-800 to Montego Bay - @IFChile-BossCL

Gate 129 Southwest 737-700 to St Louis

Airside 3

Gate 50 American A321 to Phoenix

GAte 52 American A321 to Philadelphia

Gate 53 American 737-800 to Miami - @Edward929

Gate 54 American A321 to Los Angeles

Gate 55 American A320 to Washington National

Gate 56 American 757 to Dallas - @Ben_Walsh

Gate 57 American 737-800 to Chicago

Gate 58 American 737-800 to Austin

Gate 58A American A320 to Charlotte

Gate 40 United A320 to Clevland

Gate 41 United 737-800 to Newark

Gate 42 United 757 to San Fransico

Gate 43 United 757 to Los Angeles

Gate 44 United 737-900 to Dulles

Gate 46 United 737-800 to Chicago

Gate 47 United 737-900 to Denver

Gate 48 United 757 to Houston

Gate 30 breeze A220 to Northwest Arkansas - @PhorzaSky

Gate 31 Sprit A320 to Atlantic City

Gate 32 Spirit A321 to St Thomas

Gate 33 Spirit A321 to San Jose(Costa Rica) - @American367

Gate 34 Spirit A321 to Bogota

Gate 35 Spirit A321 to San Salvador

Gate 36 Eurowings Discover A330 to Frankfurt - @Helzluis

Gate 39 Aer Lingus A330 to Dublin - @United403

Airside 4

Gate 71 Delta A320 to Washington National - @AmericanB772

Gate 72 Delta A321 to La Guardia

Gate 73 Delta 737-800 to Miami - @IFCarlo_10

Gate 74 Delta A321 to Seattle

Gate 75 Delta 757 to Los Angeles

Gate 76 Delta A320 to Raleigh/Durham - @AstroKilo

Gate 77 Delta 737-900 to Detroit - @A_viatorE

Gate 78 Delta A321 to Salt Lake City - @alr3cy

Gate 90S LATAM 777-300 to Sáo Paulo - @MarcoCasaro

Gate 94 Icelandair 757 to Keflavik - @LuckyRc

Gate 91 Delta A321 to Las Vegas

Gate 93 Sun country 737-800 to Minneapolis - @Mort

Gate 95 Sun country 737-800 to Milwaukee

Gate 97 Jetblue A321 to San Fransico

Gate 96 Jetblue A320 to Fort Meyers

Gate 80 Virgin Atlanctic A330N to London

Gate 81 Delta A330 to Amsterdam - @jackuhlig

Gate 83 Emirates 777-300 to Dubai - @anon87523340

Gate 85 Air France A350 to Paris - @KattasiumAviation

Gate 87A Bahamasair 737-700 to Nassau - @SamB777

Gate 82 Silver Airlines(Generic) Q400 to Pensacola

Gate 84 Silver Airlines(Generic) Q400 to Fort Meyers

Gate 86A Silver Airlines(Generic) Q400 to Key West

Terminal C

Gate C230 Jetblue A321 to New York- @Javery_Mclean

Gate C231 Jetblue A320 to San Jose(Costa Rico)

Gate C232 Jetblue A220 to Boston - @Jetblue1269


Ground Tower ATIS

  • I am not responsible for any violations

  • Listen to ATC

  • If ATC not present use UNICOM correctly



Lets get some signups!

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I will take gate 46!

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Signed up! Thanks for joining

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Ok… sit down. This is going to come as a shock to you, but…

OMG maybe a jetblue to fort meyers. JK

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can you arange me a gate for a A330 with Eurowings Discover to Frankfurt

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Yes you can

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Your in Airside 3 Gate 36

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Take this one

Ill sign you up. Thanks for joining!

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i want this one

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Ill get you down

Virgin a330n to london please

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Gate 81 Delta Airbus 330-300 to Amsterdam Schiphol

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@Ben_Walsh Your signed up

@MarcoCasaro Your in gate 90S

@jackuhlig Your signed up, and welcome to the community!

Thank you for joining!

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Event bump

May I switch my route to KIAD please, on the B739 if that’s possible?

Yes ofc. Your at gate 44

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Thank you so much!