The oriental Beirut to Geneva group flight!

Hey there! Hope the skies are nice with you!
Well, I would like to welcome you to…

The oriental Beirut to Geneva group flight!

I am organising my first event, so I chose this route as it is the one that changed my life (because I moved from Lebanon to France). Please join if you can. I am looking forward to see some Lebanese people in the community joining this event!


Server: Training server

Airport: Beirut (BEY/OLBA) → Geneva (GVA/LSGG)

Time: 1400Z (2PM zulu)

Flight Time: (approximately) 3 hours and a half

Flight Plan: copy @Ywikiwinfiniteflight flight plan

Fuel: 14500kg (A321-200)

Cruising Altitude: FL300 (30000ft)


Geneva (LSGG)

Beirut (OLBA)

Saturday, November 11, 2023 2:00 PMCoordinated Universal TimeSaturday, November 11, 2023 6:00 PMCoordinated Universal Time

Gate assignements


MEA A321

Swiss A321

Gate Assignments

Departure Gate Arrival Gate Aircraft User
G13 Gate 11 MEA A321 @Ywikiwinfiniteflight
G14 Gate 10 MEA A321 @JoeHaddad
G15 Gate 9 MEA A321 @AviationAlpha
G12 Gate 8 Swiss A321 @Apple_Haye
G11 Gate 5 Swiss A321 @Your_Pilot
G10 Gate 4 Swiss A321 @Prestoni
G16 Gate 3 Swiss A321 @JLGamez

Beirut Tower and Ground: @VortexVolt
Geneva Tower and Ground: @VortexVolt


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • I am not responsible for any violations
  • Kindly use Unicom if ATC isn’t available
  • Have fun!

Please do not disturb the event. If you want to participate, just register, or if the registration board is full, just kindly ask me and I will add some more gates.


We need people !

Or I will be sad 😞

Hi! :) it’s great to see some events related to Lebanon. I’ll take gate G14 (MEA).

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Hey there!
Ok I’ll register you. I’m so happy

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This one please

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Is it fine if i just come in to land a Beruit with everyone

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You can actually but we will fly OUT of Beirut. So if you want to join us just to land, you can land at Geneva . We will warn you when we will land, so you land with us.

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Ok, I’ll do that

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I can work ground/ tour for you

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i can do both airports

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Ok I will register you as tower and ground atc at both airports


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I’ll take the swiss

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Ok I just registered you

I will take |G11|Gate 5|Swiss A321| if I can

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Hey! Welcome to the community !

Sure you can !

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G10 Gate 4 Swiss A321
I would like to take this

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I’m happy to join!! :)

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I´ll take the last spot on swiss please!

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Ok (10 characters)