The option to buy aircraft without IF Pro

It’s been a while so forgive me if my feature requesting skills are a bit rusty,

IF pro is pretty expensive and you cannot keep the aircraft permanently, so i am requesting that it be reimplemented or that there is a pop up screen that has the option to either: A) buy IF pro and get the aircraft through Pro or B) purchase just the Aircraft you actually want

PS: before people say this is a duplicate, I haven’t been able to find a request for this,

PPS: i honestly don’t expect this to happen, but hey why not try anyway

Hey @anon1277151,

In all honestly this is unlikely to happen in the near future, but why not try.

Infinite Flight changed to the IF Pro pricing module for multiple reasons. It allowed users to pay a certain amount for access to all areas of the simulator and helps cover development costs as well.

Without us users paying for IF Pro, Infinite Flight would be less likely to be where it is today. Developing an app is an expensive business and then you have to factor in the cost for the satellite imagery, which is a whole other ball game.

Also be sure to vote for your own feature request!

If you have any other questions, be sure to let me know. Happy to help :)


Yes but i am requesting because Pro isn’t a permanent purchase, and not everyone can get money out of mommy and daddys pocket, and ps not everyone wants pro, some of us actually want just a singular aircraft to use whenever not on the limited time that pro gives

Yes, I know. I’m just explaining to you why they changed it to the pricing module that it currently is.

I completely agree with you on the point that some people just want a single aircraft.

Be sure to vote for your own request! :)

This will not be happening now or in the future. Cheers!