The optimal tablet for Infinite Flight

I want to buy myself a new tablet. The budget is about $ 400, please tell me which device to buy for stable 30 or more frames on ultra graphics (view from the cockpit). Share your experience, who has which tablet, what is the price, what is the frames per second. Thanks) Ipad 9 or Xioami Pad 5
Xioami have
128GB memory
8 nuclear
3.0 GHz
Snapdragon 860

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Hey, @user50! Welcome!! here you have this incredible topic where you will find really good information about different devices.

Getting android Vs apple out of the way, here’s a recommendation for both:

Android: Galaxy Tab S6, or hold on till the Tab S8 comes out and tanks the value of the S7
The new Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro is also excellent, but is over $400 unless on sale.

Apple. iPad. The bog standard latest version of the iPad is £329, shares basically all core specs with its siblings and is an absolute bargain if you can ignore it’s dated design and software quirks.

Both devices will hold a steady 30fps in the cockpit. The iPad will have better performance, but if you want the better tablet for daily use, I’d personally go with the Samsung.

Don’t think you’ll get much better in either category for under $400

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