The Opening of Singapore Airlines Virtual (that actually was successful!)

Thought it could have been a happy event for May Day but somehow I never get times right. My event had to freaking clash with a bumpy bus ride (and I’m still on it).

Disappointing. All that flying and go around for nothing.

Hope attendees had fun nevertheless because I can see that the skies were filled with Singapore Airlines everywhere 😂😂😂

I will perhaps host a better event next time with better communications.

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Bumpy bus ride? Why didn’t you post an event topic?

Well I didn’t expect it to happen… I thought I could at least land before I boarded the bus but uh what’s the point of repeating this? I’ll just let bygones be bygones and hope 1 October will be the best

I’m not sure you need to wait five months for an event, I posted my upcoming event days in advance with decent turn up. You just need the right date and time.

Guess what? 5+5=10! 😄

I suppose a cancelled event which ended up with a title for a duplicate by the same topic starter… Can you still follow this?? ;)