The Opening of Changi Airport @ WSSS - 010630ZJUL16

What’s your timezone?

What exactly willl happen in the event there is no real thing saying what will happen

Oh my bad, I was planning and I actually forgot… Thanks for reminding!

Central Time

Ok your timezone is -5 I believe

If so, it’ll be 0630Z-0500=0130LMT, would you be able to make it at such a time?

I just looked 0630 Zulu in central time where I live would be 1:30 pm

so I can make it probably

If I manage to get up THAT early you can count me in.

Are you sure it’s not 1.30am? Lol you’d better check again :P

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Or you could join the traffic jam squad hahaha

wow thats 2;30am for me

Well thats about 7:30 am for me, so I guess if I manage to come I’d take Some E Gate.

I checked again google says 1:30 pm in

Hahaha are you guys serious?

Did you all not see the time first? 😂

is 0630 pm or am

Alright, keep me posted when you’re certain of a gate :)

Also, remember to tell me your aircraft and livery info :3

it says pm

0630Z is 6.30am Zulu lol

So it’s actually 1.30am for you… Are you sure you can make it? 😂

i always look at the date first

nope if I do ill probably fall asleep and crash