The only road closed, what do you do? Call the Huey!

Yesterday afternoon at 1300hrs Local! (2000z) a semi truck ran into a bridge on the Glenn Highway. The driver was not hurt at all but the bridge was. This is extremely important since this road is the only road in and out of Anchorage, it’s our life line for trucks.
This morning was worse! The road into Anchorage has yet once again been closed and LifeMed has been requested to response to a bad car accident on the Glenn Highway.
So what does this mean for our folks who live in Palmer, Alaska who needed to get to work? Get the Huey! Thats right, as bad as the road was instead of skipping work we brought the Magic School Bus in to rescue our workers!

Working with helicopters is way to cool!

Funny enough, we nicknamed this the “Magic School Bus” which it was today!


That is coler than our subru…


Yeah… Hueys are way cooler then Subaru, plus Subaru are mean! You know if you spell “Subaru” backwards it spells “U r a bus?”

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