The Only Place in America to Have Mail Delivered by Helicopter - Diomede, Alaska

In another fantastic video from Wendover Productions, (more specifically “Half as Interesting”) Sam explains the details, difficulties, and logistics of transporting people and mail by helicopter out to the closest American town to Russia, on an island in the Bering Strait. I’m sure Mr. @anon93248082 will like this one! :)


Great clip!! Few things

  1. they have cell and internet service I was talking to an islander
    via facebook this morning lol since the helicopter is broken they were curious if we had the helicopter fix to fly out there

  2. the US doesn’t provide money that’s from the State of Alaska, it cost about 700$ round trip from Nome to Diomede now.

It’s a fun place to visit I’ll be out there Saturday for mail day, I’ll send pictures!


So the pictures you see come from “Evergreen Aviation” which was famous for their 747s and CIA contract work.

So that’s this helicopter!


Now we use this helicopter to the Island!

(Took today she’s at our HQ for MX)


Saw that video and knew that our Alaskan roterhead would have somthing to say 😂

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LOL! Well the fact I work for the company adn about to fly the helicopter out to the island I kinda know a little thing about the contract ;)


I also wondered that, you all seem like a big company so I thought it possible…

i see you are Half as Intresting fan. say did you watch Wendover and Sam from Wendover?

I literally just watched that video and came to IFC to talk about it. But nonetheless it is a very interesting video. Wendover Productions (and his other channel Half as Intresting both provide great content about aviation and other topics such as economics and statistics and stuff like that, but simplified. Anyways thanks for postin here Ryan!

We need to get Sam on IFC. Too many of us like his content 😂


is that related to Evergreen Group?

Also known for their ships, cargo services, and EVA Air…

Logo seemed similar so…

Yes! When Evergreen filed for Chapter 11 Erickson bought their helicopter division

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Wow! Never knew that! Very cool.

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There was some odd things hag Evergeeen tried do with helicopters lol

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