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Hello! This is probably illegal of me to not post a 757 topic on the day of the update, but oh well. These are just some photos I’d like to share with you from a couple days back. I decided to grind some flight hours for EIVA, and it was very fun! Enjoy the photos!

Aircraft: Aer Lingus A320 (New and Old Liveries)
Flight Time: No Idea

Flight 1

Starting off a day of flying a sunrise in Dublin 🇨🇮

And we’re starting the flying by going to Frankfurt

Super Fast Forward, and we’re over the numbers at Frankfurt

Flight 2

Back taxiing at Cork

And we’re off to Munich

Beautiful France! 💙🤍❤️

Short final at EDDM

After I had landed, this A350 didn’t go around, even though I was still on the runway when the landed :|

Flight 3

Heading back to Ireland after a brief rest in Munich

And my tenth photo is of me buttering back home at Dublin. What a fun day!

@Marc_Gallagher, I think I’m due for a promotion 👀

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Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the new update as well!


This better not be the expert server lol

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Oh yes it is. Professionalism at its best


The photos are 😍😍! Also that’s one of my pet peeves when pilots don’t go around when they need too! Looking forward to more screenshots!

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Just in love with that A320

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Lovely photos!😻

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Thanks a lot!

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