The OMDB fly-out

I recently hosted an event on Training Server, as I wait to be back on the expert server.
I had filled up all the B gates at Concourse C with sign-ups, and a lot of them turned up on the day which was good.
I chose to fly to Baghdad International (ORBI) because it is quite a short flight, and it took just over an hour to get there in my Emirates B777-300ER. Here I have some pictures of my flight. ENJOY

Server: Training
Flight Time: 1hr something
Route: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (OMDB) - Baghdad, Iraq (ORBI)
Runways in use: 30R TO, 33R LDG
Aircraft and flight number/callsign: Emirates B777-300ER as EK941/Emirates 941

The B apron pretty much filled up at Concourse C, T1 at Dubai (Had to change the time to noon to get this shot as it was unclear at night which was the actual time of day during the event)

Passenger boarding at Gate B01, and through the window is EK7 preparing to go on its way to London

Cockpit view as I create and go though the flight plan and fuel quantity for today’s flight to Baghdad

Just crossed RW30L/RW12R as I taxi along taxiway M to get to RW30R Sorry the picture is quite small but if I try and make it bigger it would become quite blurry and I don’t want that to happen
Looking through the window to get a glimpse of the traffic as we hold short waiting for clearance to take off from ATC

Rotate time (Don’t worry that wasn’t a tail-strike)

Waving goodbye to the city of Dubai as we depart Dubai airspace

Cruising over the Arab Gulf at FL380 as instructed by the Dubai Departure frequency

Passing in between Kuwait and the Iraqi city of Basra as we prepare for our descent into Baghdad

We are in our descent phase as we get nearer to Baghdad

GPS approach into RW33R at Baghdad (There actually is an ILS for this runway but it is non-existent in IF right now. IFAET have implemented it however and it will be updated for the next airport, navigation and scenery update around next week)

Butter landing at Baghdad International with a B777

Parked at Gate B23 at Baghdad International as passengers deboard

Some of the other people at the event shared some pictures of their landings and them at cruise as well.
Flight EK703 (@Julien_Narayanasawmy as pilot) lands safely at Mauritius (FIMP)

EK7 (@Plix)'s beautiful sunset final at London Heathrow (EGLL)

Another awesome picture of flight EK7 en-route:

Here’s another pic from @CessnaPilot as EK73 heading to Paris over the Arab Gulf (Sorry the HUD is visible)

Vote here for your favourite picture
  • The B apron filled up with Emirates B777 flights to around the world
  • Passenger view onto the right wing and seeing flight EK7 as their passengers board as well
  • Checking through the flight plan in the cockpit view
  • Taxiing to RW30R via taxiway M
  • Holding short RW30R and seeing the traffic on the left side of the aircraft
  • Rotate picture as I depart Dubai
  • Goodbye, Dubai
  • Cruising at FL380
  • Preparing for descent into Baghdad as we just enter Iraqi airspace
  • Descending into Baghdad International Airport
  • GPS approach RW33R as we just declare final on the UNICOM frequency
  • Surprise butter landing at Baghdad International Airport
  • Parked at Gate B23 as passengers deboard
  • Flight EK703’s pics
  • Flight EK7’s pics
  • Flight EK73’s pics

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Just realised the pattern between those 3 callsigns lol

Well thanks so much for viewing this thread, this was in my event on the 20th of February and I loved it, both organising and flying as well :)
Thanks to everyone who attended (@Plix, @IF_International, @plane_guy12 guy, @CessnaPilot @Helvetic27, @Julien_Narayanasawmy, and some people such as @Fung_Sum-sum and @FlyIf_0011IFPA who didn’t complete the event but were quite active on our PM[sorry if you were there but I didn’t add you, I can’t remember everyone who was there. Just reply below and I’ll tag you here]) and thanks to @SPEEDBIRD101 and @Mo_Alz for being ATC and making this event more realistic despite this being on training server


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It was my pleasure, and looking forward to more fly-outs!!!

wow cool pictures flying friend cool

Thanks! And thanks for flying as well

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