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Welcome to you and happy day to all … In the beginning thanks for developers and others in developing the simulator and here we are watching the great development that takes place year after year but,
There is a vote since 2015 [You can click and see it and I will put it down ] There are many requests for taxiway lights was not taken into importance and is often overlooked with updates and developments taking place, but I do not know why it is ignored. (If a questionnaire was done for the number of those who make special night flight , you would find that the percentage would it will not be more than 0.1% . At the end of the speech , I ask you to look at the request of thousands of pilots for this thing, they deserve that in the coming updates. And some of them love to fly at night and I am one of them … So it seems to me that this is the oldest vote and also got more than 1,800 votes since that time but nothing happened until this moment .

Thank you 🌹

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They have addressed this feature in some Development streams.

This does not belong in #support its not an app issue. And advertising a feature is not necessary as said the developers know it is what we want.


When and how is it now?

Hey and great day to you as well!

For starters I moved this to #general because #support is only for problems with the app.

Secondly, do not worry! It is not ignored! In Project Metal, one that is complete, it will open up a very wide variety of this types of requests. Just sit tight! It’ll come eventually!

I suggest you read the blog article about project metal. It goes into depth about what this project could accomplish for the future of Infinite Flight.


I put it in General

4 years ago and nothing happened !?

They didn’t have the technology or “software” as you could say to implement this 4 years ago. Now the new project the developers are working on now will open up doors for taxiway lights and many other features.

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It was true there was not at that time but 4 years was enough to develop that

Taxiway light are something that they are well aware of and working on. Project Metal is replacing the graphics engine behind the scenes that will help with development. The hard part is that it is not an easy task to replace it in a 10 year old app.

Some things were not done at the time because technology did not allow or devices were under-powered.

Just stay tuned and there will be more announcements as needed.


Also your words are true, but someone did not talk to us to tell us about this thing and when it will happen … long years and we are waiting for this thing disappointing

Development takes time. They are also don’t have hundreds of developers.

If you think about it development is not just about putting an image of a light on the ground. How does the light reflect? What about the moon brightness on the light? what about the lights from the planes? There are a lot of angles to consider it is not just adding fake looking LED lights but an overhaul of the whole lighting system.


I know that well and I appreciate the efforts of the developers and I mentioned this earlier … But there are things that they have developed more difficult than the lights and the moon as you mentioned
I have seen that 7 years ago …
Generally thank you all