The Oldest Airport (ZBNY) in China is Closing & The Largest One (ZBAD) is Opening

The Introduction to Beijing Nanyuan Airport
The Beijing Nanyuan Airport (ZBNY, NAY) was built in 1910 by the Qing Dynasty Government. Even in 1904, “two French light aircraft performed air shows above the Nanyuan training ground.” (Wikipedia) It became this airport 6 years later. It is currently operated only by China United Airlines, an airlines under China Eastern. It is only 13 km (8 miles) from the Tiananmen Square. Currently, the runway length is 3200m.
This airport serves 5,000,000 passengers per year which help to ease the traffic in Beijing Capital by a little bit. It serves cities like Shanghai Pudong (PVG), Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA), Xiamen Gaoqi (XMN), Shenzhen Baoan (SZX), Guangzhou Baiyun (CAN) and other smaller cities. I once flew there, which was to Wenzhou (WNZ).
This airport is about to close because this airport will collide with the traffic from Beijing Daxing Int’l (PKX, or ZBAD). The Daxing airport will open on Sep. 30th, 2019, the same date that Nanyuan Airport will close. The Beijing officials planned that the Daxing Airport will one day become the largest in the world, although I don’t know if it will actually happen.
The Nanyuan airport was once conquered by the Japanese during the WWII and became Nanyuan military camp for Japan. After 1949, it became a military airport. In 1989, it became civil airport because the airport is no longer big enough for military aircrafts.

The Introduction Of Beijing Daxing Int’l Airport
The Beijing Daxing Int’l is going to be the largest airport in the world. It is scheduled to be opened on Sep. 30th, 2019.

(image of Daxing int’l)
It is going to serve all Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. Currently, the Beijing Capital Int’l (PEK, or ZBAA) is running with extreme over-capacity. The ZBAA is designed to serve 80 million passengers per year but it is currently serving more than 100 million passengers a year in 2018.

That is where the Daxing Int’l (PKX, or ZBAD) come into play.
Runway Info:
East 1 Runway: 3400 * 60m(11155 * 197ft)
North 1 Runway: 3800 * 60m(12467 * 197ft)
West 1 Runway: 3800 * 60m
West 2 Runway: 3800 * 45m(12467 *148ft)
West 2 Runway: 3800 *45m

It is expected that in 2040, the annual passenger traffic will be 100 million. In 2050, the traffic will be 130 million at least. There will be 4 runways for civil and 1 runway for military and the terminal building will be 70,0000 square meters. It is the first airport in China to accept intersection runways. As showed in the picture:

This airport was also built for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, so people from the world can came easily. The cool feature about this design is that it only takes 10 minutes to arrive at any gates for departure thanks to the “five-finger” shape where passenger walk to different gates from the center of this huge building.

This Daxing Airport is so integrated that it has High speed train operating at 350km/h (217 miles/h) and airport maglev airport express that is 160km/h (100 miles/h) going to city center as well as a massive highway linking to this airport.


After the this airport opens, China Southern Airlines will completely move to ZBAD, China Eastern Airlines will 80% move here. However, less than 20% of Air China flights will move here. Only a sub-group of Hainan Airlines- Capital Airlines will move here. The majority of Air China and Hainan stays in the Capital Airport (ZBAA). In general, the majority of Star Alliance will stay in Capital airport, while the majority of Sky Team will go to Daxing Airport. Oneworld members can pick whichever they like.



Thanks for reading. I know a lot about this airport. If you guys have any questions, please feel free to reply. Or, do you guys want more introduction for Beijing Daxing Airport? The biggest in the world?


This just brought me the idea what the oldest airport in the world actually is.

This airport must’ve undergone some big history like WWI and WWII which is pretty interesting.

I’m curious about this airport in becoming the largest in the world…

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We should have a fnf here before it closes

This airport is not in IF. The airports in China are “poorly developed”.


No, it can at least accommodate A320 and B737 if it is actually in IF.

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I know. I was going to say “largest aircraft” (i.e. triple 7 and A380).

Do you want a separate topic or still in this topic? Anyways, I will start a new one.

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Done. Please read my topic again.

Yeah this airport looks crazy. Interesting to read articles about these airports. It has a nice shape. But yeah I can’t read the future and it might have its competitors in becoming the largest.

They already completed test flight, and it’s going to be opened soon.

Poorly developed? A small team of limited time and resources doesn’t mean the quality is poor.

Sorry, I mean that the airports in Asia are just not as sophisticated as the ones in North America in general.

So far, airlines like LOT, British Airways, Finnair, and Malaysia Airlines have announced flights to Daxing. Royal Air Maroc is planning it as well.

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I am sure AA will go to Daxing soon. I guess DL will also go to Daxing. UA will stay in Beijing Capital.
It’s really sad to see ZBNY close. All the flights to ZBNY will move to Daxing. Actually, the ZBNY was reconstructed multiple times in both 2007 and 2011 to accommodate so many passengers.

He’s right they do have poor quality. He’s not saying the time and resources is why it’s poor. I mean come on just look at the airports in China… they suck. Or atleast some of them… you know why? They are a ton of airports in this world and the sad reality is that China is not favored on the IF editing team.

It has nothing to do with editors favoring other regions over China. It’s preposterous to think that the entire team has some sort of vendetta against China, but not the entire rest of the world. If you looked at the satellite imagery for ZBAD, for example, you’d understand.

Hopefully it doesn’t become desolate afterwards.

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It won’t. China has so many people. 1.4 Billion people. It will never became desolated. However, it is possible that the international terminal gets converted to domestic ones because there might not be enough foreigners.
@Ryan Is ZBAD image blurred?