The old scenery

In this picture, i can see that the scenery was much more detailed. Now it is different. Why?

This scenery was used before global came out. Now, due to the vast majority of Pilots flying in global servers, the graphics had to be changed in order for your device to actually be able to run Infinite Flight.

Actually the new scenery is satellite imagery, true to how the world looks(excluding SA and +/-60 deg and other places). The old imagery was just a mesh copy and pasted across the regions if I remember correctly.

Im not sure. But I know that this was the main reason the graphics were changed. Why do you think they removed the HD water graphics? I don’t think it’s because of the wrong imagery…

To allow the satellite imagery of the water to take its place. For example, the deep blue-greens of the Caribbean compared to the same water everywhere. It I should the same reason, as the water wasn’t true to real life.

So you are saying that having a 2D Low-quality sea is better than having actual realistic water? I don’t really understand what you are trying to say…

I’m not saying whether or not one was better than the other, I’m saying that with the introduction of global, the water was changed to match the real world through satellite imagery

Ok, but why would the Developers want to change the good high quality water they had to match the scenery? It’s better to have evenely-spread out HD water graphics across the water bodies then having the actual 2D sea. They removed it due to the amount of power your phone actually needed to make IF run with global.

What may look good to you may look bad to another person. I think that maybe the devs wanted to remain consistent and use sat imagery for everything. Of course, now I’m getting speculative. Maybe there is someone that can explain it better than me, like @jasonrosewell sorry for the tag, please don’t kill me lol


The old scenery was as previously mentioned, just same imagery repeated over & over again. The water was a separate thing.

The changes have nothing to do with performance. The old water is simply not compatible with the new scenery we use. Old Infinite Flight was just flat tiles. New is a complete Earth, round and all that with the accurate satellite imagery placed where it’s supposed to be as it is in the real world.