The Old 757 vs the Reworked 757 - A Side By Side Comparison

Hello community! Just before the release of the reworked 757, I decided to take the old 757 for a short photo shoot.

Now, with 20.3 out, and the old 757 erased from existence, I decided to compare the Old 757 with the Reworked 757. This took a lot of effort to make sure the photos matched with each other, so it would be appreciated if you could tell me your opinion on what I could improve about this.

I’m also planning to do this once the A330 is reworked, so keep an eye out for that.

For this I used the Delta 757, one of my favorite 757 liveries. All of these photos were taken at KSJC and KNUQ.

Now let’s get to the photos!

Cockpit Comparison

The biggest improvement was the introduction of the glass cockpit. The old, 2D cockpit was ugly, and an eyesore to look at. You can really see the difference between the old and the new cockpit in this picture.

Nose Comparison

This was my favorite photo out of all of these. It took me a lot of work to make sure both photos were taken at the exact same location as each other. You can see how much the nose of the aircraft, the landing gear, and the engine has improved. The nose landing gear has gotten much higher, resulting in a slight shift between the old and new tires.

Side View Comparison

There was a small glitch with the bottom picture where the aircraft seemed to float while taking off, lol. You can see how the colors of the 757 have gotten a lot more brighter and vibrant with the rework, like all of its dirtiness was washed off. If you look closely, you can see that the overwing exits have disappeared. Also for some reason the registration changed, I’m assuming this is because N628DL has been retired by Delta.

Top View Comparison

What I liked a lot about this photo is that for a moment, it almost seems like one aircraft, until you realize the difference between the wings and horizontal stabilizers.

Tail View Comparison

If the terrain wasn’t so messed up in the background, this would also look it like it’s practically a single photo! However, it’s still 2 photos merged together, and you can see all the differences mentioned above, along with the gear tilt.

Bottom View Comparison

The difference here is massive. The livery for the old 757 looks so blurry and ugly, and it’s missing the massive ‘Delta’ on the bottom of the fuselage. Meanwhile, the new 757 looks so much better with the gear tilt, new flaps, and the detailed gear. You can also see the box that houses the ram air turbine.

Right Wing Comparison

You can see how much the engine and wing have improved. The old 757 engine lacked depth, but the new one looks so much shinier and realistic.

Left Wing Comparison

The wing’s detail is really obvious in this one.

Which was your favorite photo?
  • Cockpit comparison
  • Nose comparison
  • Side comparison
  • Top comparison
  • Tail view comparison
  • Bottom comparison
  • Right wing comparison
  • Left wing comparison
  • Yes.

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Thanks for taking the time to view my post, I’ll see you all next time.


You did an amazing job at this! This shows how the simulator has progressed over the years! Thanks for the insight.

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This was a smooth one

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Thanks! Took me a long time to get it to look like that lol


This is amazing! This must’ve taken a while to put together!

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Wow, these side by sides really show how well the devs did making this new beauty! Nice job!

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Where is the difference 🤔?

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Quick question, do you prefer to have the “Old” and “New” text removed, or do you want it to stay? If I ever make a topic like this again, I’d prefer to have your opinions on whether or not you’d like it to stay.

  • Remove
  • Stay

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This is really cool! Amazing to see the progress


the gear tilt looks so good with this aircraft 🤩

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Totally agree! Gear tilt looks amazing on all aircraft, but in game the 757 and 777 gear tilts are my favorites.

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good photos! 👍

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definitely! hope this a330 rework brings about some good gear tilt too 😅

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This is a great analysis! Thank you for sharing it.

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Man the new one is such an improvement!

It’s most likely because N638DL uses the overwing exit configuration for the doors, while the new one (N822DX) uses the 8 door configuration that’s now the standard in IF. Delta operates 757s with both configurations in real life, so it wasn’t a problem to swap the regs.