The Not So Impossible - Impossible Flight IF Edition!

Hello IFC! This is my first time posting pictures here so hope you enjoy!
This was inspired by a recent upload of the impossible flight to all three NY area airports. With the help of @Jeffrey1o2 as NY Approach and @CollinFlys as JFK Tower I thought it would be cool to do a similar flight in IF with active ATC!

Flight Details: Server Expert.
TBM930 | FT 00:42 |

Starting my journey rotating off runway 24 at Teterboro.

“Newark Liberty Unicom, ENY04 inbound on the visual runway 29 for touch and go”!

“New York Approach, ENY04 Requesting Visual approach any runway at JFK”. “ENY04 expect vectors for the visual approach runway 4L at JFK”. Woop!

“ENY04 cleared visual approach runway 4L at JFK”. Yes got my clearance!

“ENY04 runway 4L cleared for the option”. Thank you JFK tower for letting me in, even though it was a tad busy.

My small TBM next to big, big planes. Got a few A359’s from Air France, China Eastern, and Delta! Also got an Emirates SkyCargo B77L holding short.

“New York Approach, ENY04 back with you requesting visual approach any runway at LGA”. “ENY04 expect vectors for the visual approach runway 31 at LGA”.“ENY04 cleared visual approach runway 31 at LGA”.

“LaGuardia Unicom, ENY04 inbound runway 31 for touch and go”!

“New York Approach, ENY04 with you last time requesting flight following back to TEB. Proceed on course to TEB”. “Proceed on course, thank you, ENY04”.

“Teterboro Unicom, ENY04 inbound for landing runway 24”!.

Thanks for taking the time to view my post! Hope you guys enjoyed!
Inspiration for this flight.


Pretty cool, I love the layout 😉

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Nice screenshots, I actually saw that video from the RV-8 guy doing it and it was really cool.

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Thanks! Tried to tell the story using the ATC commands.

Thank you! I saw that video also and was like I wanted to try it with active ATC. @hi15td

Nice! I LOVE the TBM-930!

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Thanks! That was my first time actually flying the TBM it wasn’t easy 😅

Yeah it’s not easy at first. You’ll get used to it. I especially love the cockpit!