The Not Mile High City To The Mile High City (Feat: An Intercepted 747?)

Good Evening IFC! So since I haven’t made a topic in a while and my recent flight was scenic and crazy, I decided to make another one! Anyway I don’t have much else to say so let’s get into it!

Flight info:
Server: Expert
Flight Time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes

Alright here they are!

Almost ready to rumble

Oh, I guess we’re already rumbling, that was fast.

To the west of Lake Bartlett

Just crossing into Southwest Colorful Colorado

What? What’s this? @nativetoalaska, could you explain please?

More Coloradian Mountains

Dang, no wonder it’s called colorful Colorado! These are beautiful!

Descending into Denver

Short final!

Ouch, one of my worse touchdowns after a float.

Anyway thanks for viewing and y’all can ask @nativetoalaska and @anon74260613 about intercepting that 747, he’ll tell you the story :).

Anyway have a great rest of your day!



I love the Colorado scenery so much! Beautiful shots, thanks for sharing

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Yes it’s beautiful! Glad you liked it and I’m always extremely happy to share!

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Wow thanks for the mention 😑
I think “SQUAWK 7500” made it clear I was helping and not part of the problem


I couldn’t find you buzzing him but yes I’m sorry I’ll tag you

I didn’t see your callsign tho 😂

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My call sign was normal. It was my name 😂
Both “VACATE AREA” and “SQUAWK 7500” lol

That’s fine 😂
I did almost crash into you guys though 😂

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Ooooh, I’m sorry I actually didn’t see that. Hence not paying attention. I’m sorry 😂

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No problem 😂

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A nice regional flight! I’ve taken this flight multiple times, and have always loved the quick transition between desert and mountains

Some really, really nice pictures! Lots for scenery as well as some great perspectives on the B737. Thanks for sharing!

These pictures were airplane 🙂

Yeah it’s crazy how just an hour later how totally different the scenery is!

Thank you! I always try putting a little twist and mess around with the angles 😂

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Bruh what do you mean? That’s clearly a propeller

Well, right now it’s more smoky than it is colorful.

Well you requested an intercept on [data expunged] of the 747 so I took the Raptor for a spin. Neat jet, needs a rework.

True, but at least we can still see the beauty of it through IF 😂

Yeah that was great 😂 the Raptor does need a rework

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The worst part is that the raptor has its gear down 😓