The Nosedive Challenge

Did it:
Air France A320

Glad I wasn’t flying on that flight!

What was your FPM?

You mean on the air speed indicator? Those are overspeed lines are they not?

Yes they are, he was just kidding :)

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Am I the only one who noticed this 😅


Like 70000 FPM. Around that @Henrik :-)

Will try it later today ;)

How to do it:
Step 1: Open IF
Step 2: Press "Fly solo"
Step 3: Take any airport (Denver region not recommended)
Step 4: Take an Airbus A321
Step 5: Press "Fly"
Step 6: Set weight to light
Step 7: Climb to FL410, use full throttle
Step 8: Accelerate to 290-300 KIAS
Step 9:Pitch down 90 degrees, keep full throttle
Step 10: Enjoy!

Note: High negative trim is needed during pitch down, -90% should be good.
Any aircraft should do, I used an A321.

I’ve done it on live.

I once hit 90k negative VS diving down from FL700. Citation X

I did it, and got -92000fpm and recovered, but didn’t look at the amount of G’s.
So I did again and I got roughly the same V/S and the recovery was about 30G’s.
A318 from FL42


So your dead, your passengers are dead and the wings broke off.

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Yes, the devs really need to update their definition of a crash.

The disclaimer is so hilarious!

A319. Point out th 1.0G

This is insane, I’ll try it later ;)


I think I’m winning lol. -101,795VS

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In IF they are overspend indercators. Never knew that there were stall warnings apart from sick shake and a voice saying “stall, stall”. Guess we both learned something new lol

I was kidding ;)

Lol, good one. I was like wait what, when I saw ‘I was kidding’

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Got to 78,000fpm, but I screenshotted a second too late.
Airbus A319
Silk Air