The Northern Lights

Earlier today I flew a beautiful hop between Iceland and Norway. I hope you enjoy!

Flight time: 2hrs 8mins
Airline/Aircraft: SAS Boeing 737-800
Server: Expert

Climbing out of beautiful Keflavik

Flyin over Vatnajokull National Park in Skaftafell

Cruisin as the sunset reflects off the tail

Amazing sunset

A rare appearance of the Northern Lights as we fly under the Arctic Circle I apologize for the poor edit and quality, it took me a while to edit it, and it was quite hard to do.

Approaching Norway with the beautiful terrain beneath us.

Windy touchdown in Oslo!


Good job on the edit, but the plane is a bit blurry🙂


Yea ik, it added a dumb filter and I couldn’t get rid of it 😩

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