The Northeast Route Expansion

Even if, oneworld won’t let them in because there would be too many US oneworld carriers

And don’t forget Canada!! :D haha

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Both from JFK and BOS. This makes me super happy. I’m so spotting the departure even if I have school.


I was literally thinking about a jetBlue expansion from LGA yesterday, how coincidental. Also to see B6 in Canada is something to look forward to. Hope to see some 220s in use on some of these routes.

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! They finally decided to go to MKE! This will be perfect for when I go to Oshkosh airshow in 2 years

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I actually screamed yes throughout the house and my parents looked at me weirdly 😂

This partnership is probably one of the greatest/historic ones in the entire industry.

Since launching the partnership this year, the two carriers have added a combined 55+ new routes out of Boston and the New York City area.

It’s honestly amazing seeing this growth that wouldn’t be possible without the other carrier.

Red = AA
Blue = B6






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Ah, I love seeing new routes for my choosing for the future in my area…

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Did you mean “this duopoly-in-the-making”? DOT doesn’t like it…

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Yeah lol, there’s also that.

JetBlue included a statement in its press release today, almost like they’re telling the DOT the partnership will be fine.

Following an approximately six-month review, the DOT has agreed to terminate its review of the alliance in exchange for a series of commitments to ensure the alliance delivers consumers benefits without harming competition. With these new markets in both JFK and LaGuardia, JetBlue and American are demonstrating that commitment to growth.

They’re definitely growing with exceptional waves of expansions. Personally, I’m hoping the DOT doesn’t force both airlines to roll back on the partnership. There are a few routes that will likely face anticompetitive concerns with the partnerships, but I hope the DOT looks more on the bright side. Customers will have access to new and expanded destinations, potentially at airports more convenient to them. Air India loses its monopoly on JFK-DEL. Avianca loses its monopoly on JFK-MDE/CLO. Delta loses its monopoly on several domestic LGA routes and JFK-ATH, a significantly popular summer route.

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If only 2022 could come faster…

Looking forward to seeing JetBlue at YVR!


I do know Delta is currently at war with the DOT about their WestJet codeshare, just something important to note.

Overall, this partnership is good for both airlines. They can use each others’ networks to compliment their flights to Europe and throughout the Northeast United States to make it a profit ground for years to come

I think the USDOT would step in if that happened because of fair competition

My dream Came true
Tysm Jetblue

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It took three months, but JetBlue finally loaded most of these new routes about six hours ago.

  • San Antonio begins on October 31, 2021. Boston to SAT operates with the A220-300, New York with the A320.

  • Milwaukee and Kansas City begin on March 27, 2022 from Boston and New York, all operated with the A220-300.

  • Puerto Vallarta from New York begins February 19, 2022 and operates with the A320.

  • All LaGuardia routes on sale except Portland

Haven’t actually 100% confirmed the aircraft for each route, but that’s according to JetBlue’s partner Priceline.

Might be getting an official announcement in about 15 minutes (nope, didn’t happen)

Vancouver, Asheville, San Pedro Sula will come later.

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