The North to the South: RJTT-KATL

Flight details

Server- Expert
Flight Time- 11:45
Aircraft- A350
Airline- Delta Airlines
Cruising Altitude- FL300/ FL330/ FL400

Preparing for the flight at the gate.

Departing from RJTT after a short takeoff.

1,000ft up with a view of Mt. Fuji.

Flying above the mountains of Canada & Alaska.

Flight spoilers out on descent into KATL

First notch of flaps & slats.

Turning onto final.

Butterization in KATL

Spoilers out and coming to a stop.

Parked at the gate and unloading grumpy and jet lagged passengers into KATL.

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Did you like them? If you didn’t like them, tell me how to improve.


Do you guys like the editing style?

Way too much on many
Many pictures are over the top sharp causing halos and waves.
Tone down the saturation on a few of them too.
Next time don’t overedit so much, it’ll look better for almost every photo.
Btw don’t cruise at even altitudes going eastbound.


Thanks for the feedback, btw why shouldn’t I cruise at even altitudes going eastbound?

Interesting choice of an angle, I like this a lot!


Thanks, I usually do a landing gear shot instead.

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The rules of cruising altitudes:
When heading west, you cruise at an even altitude. East going odd. The purpose is to avoid collisions at the same altitude.

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Never knew that, THX.

I really like the second picture!

Ahhhh, If only we had 3D buildings :(

Nice pictures!


Some might say it is too saturated but I really like these! 👏

Cign :)

Also a bit too much contrast.

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That landing 😍 nice pictures mate!

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I’ve done the exact same route with the B772. Awesome pictures!

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Awesome shots! I’m actually doing this flight now, but the other way. Thanks for the preview on the scenery :)

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