The North Carolina Flyout Series Part 2: Charlotte (KCLT)


Welcome to the Queen City! Charlotte is the biggest city in the state of North Carolina, and has American Airlines’ second-largest hub! (behind DFW). I will be co-hosting this event with @United403!


18R/36L: 9,000 ft
18C/36C: 10,000 ft
18L/36R: 8,677 ft
23/5: 7502 ft


Date: 2023-12-10T23:00:00Z2023-12-10T23:30:00Z

Airport: Charlotte Douglass Intl (KCLT

Server: Expert

  • Keep it proffessional!
  • Be respectful of other pilots and ATC.
  • If ATC is not available, please use unicom correctly.
  • Me nor @United403 are responsible for any violations given.
  • Have fun!

Thank you @United403 for creating the gate assignments!

A Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
A1 American Jackson Hole A319
A3 American Raleigh A321 @MrGoatX
A4A American Los Angeles B772 @Prestoni
A5 Delta Salt Lake City A321
A6 Delta Atlanta B717
A7 Delta Minneapolis A320
A8X American Miami B772
A9 Delta New York LGA CRJ9
A11 Delta Detroit A320
A12X American Dallas B772 @PA881
A13 Frontier Trenton A320
A21 Sun Country Minneapolis B738
A22 United Chicago B738 @Imalwaysbmw
A23 United Denver A320
A24 Southwest St. Louis B737
A25 Spirit Orlando A321
A26 Southwest Houston Hobby B737
A27 Jetblue Boston BCS3 @Jetblue1269
A28 Spirit Fort Lauderdale A320
A29 Air Canada Toronto Pearson CRJ9
B Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
B1 American Antigua A319
B2 American Milwaukee A319
B3 American Denver B738
B4 American Des Moines B738
B5 American Key West A319 @NYFLFlyer22
B6 American Cancun A320
B7 American Memphis A319 @RagonDragon
B8 American St. Marteen B738 @MarcoCasaro
B9X American Dallas B788
B10 American George Town
B11 American Portland OR A321
B12X American Chicago B789 @member_of_oneworld
B13X American Harrisburg A319
B15 American Tampa A320
B16X American Phoenix B772 or MD11
C Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
C2 American Albany A319
C3 American Grand Rapids A319
C4 American Houston A320
C5 American Seattle B738
C6 American Little Rock B738
C7 American San Diego A321
C8 American Philidelphia A320
C9 American Salt Lake City A321
C10 American Daytona Beach A319
C11 American San Antonio B738
C12 American St. Marteen B738
C13 American Fort Myers A320
C14 American Nassua A319
C15 American Greneda B738
C16 American Las Vegas A321
C17 American Boston A320
C18 American San Juan B738
C19 American San Fransico A321
D Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
D2X American London B772 @ayyjay
D3 Volaris Guadalajara A320
D4 American Santo Domingo B738
D5X American Rome B772
D6 American Cancun B738
D9X American Dublin B772 @MANDELA
D10X Lufthansa Munich A346 or A333
D11 American Paris B772
D12 American Frankfurt B772
D13 American Kansas City 738 @BenjiTheBull
E Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
E1 American Tulsa CRJ7
E2 American Keywest E175
E3 American Nashville CRJ7
E4 American Knoxville CRJ2
E5 American Montreal E175
E5A American Martha’s Vineyard E175 @United403
E6 American Fort Wayne CRJ2
E7 American Toronto CRJ9
E8 American Washington Dulles CRJ2
E9 American Traverse City E175
E11 American St. Louis CRJ9
E13 American North Eleuthera E175
E14A American Springfield/Branson CRJ7
E14B American Detroit E175
E15 American Rochester NY E175
E16 American Indianapolis CRJ9
E16A American Lexington CRJ7
E17 American Nantucket E175
E18 American Freeport E175
E19 American Des Moines E175
E20 American Hilton Head CRJ2
E21 American South Bend CRJ2
E22 American Birmingham CRJ2
E23 American Lafayette CRJ2
E24 American Salisbury CRJ2
E25 American Evansville CRJ2
E26 American Columbia CRJ2
E27 American George Town CRJ2
E28 American Greenville/Spartenburg CRJ2
E29 American Gulfport/Biloxi CRJ2
E30 American Mobile CRJ2
E31 American Asheville CRJ2
E32 American Charelston SC CRJ2
E33 American Huntington CRJ2
E34 American Charelston WV CRJ2
E35A American Savannah CRJ9 @Butter575
E35B American Shrevorport CRJ2
E35C American Louisville E175
E36 American Montgomery CRJ2
E38A American Greensboro CRJ2
E38B American Florence SC CRJ2
E38C American Fayettville NC CRJ2
GA Gates
Gate Destination Aircraft User
Cargo Apron
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
UPS Apron 1 UPS Louisville MD11F @BazeAeOfficial
UPS Apron 3 UPS
South Cargo Apron SC7 FedEx Memphis MD11F
South Cargo Apron SC6 Atlas Air 747-8
South Cargo Apron SC4 PrimeAir Baltimore 767

ATIS Ground Tower Approach Departure Washington Center
@United403 @United403 @United403

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I’ll take these


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@Butter575 I gotcha
@United403 oh i know dw

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I’ll take this please

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I feel very offended that MCI isn’t here… D13 on a 738 please!!!

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AA MD-11 to Phoenix please!

Seems like a good flyout i’ll take this

@ayyjay yep i gotcha
@BenjiTheBull sorry i gotcha added now
@DJW you can have either an MD11 or 777, i added you tho


Just for the sake of making this a little more realistic of a flyout, American sends 777-200ER’s to Frankfurt, Munich and Dublin from Charlotte. We do not have any regularly scheduled Dreamliner service.
Also, our Lufthansa service is Munich, not Frankfurt.

really? i thought an a350 flew that route occasionally. RDU once got a diversion from Frankfurt to Charlotte on an a350. i’ll change it rn. thanks!

UPS MD11F to Louisville please

ill take this

i might be a lil late though

Wow!, I live in NC. Bad thing is that i’m not expert yet,. Could this be a training server?

you got like 2 months to get up to expert! its too early to switch it to training. plus, it’ll be better if i can keep this on expert.



I gotcha both down

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Oh ok, I’m so sorry.

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The Lufthansa route use to be a A350, few months ago it switched to the A346 when they brought them back. As the comment also said above, AA doesn’t fly the 787 to CLT, all the longhauls are 777-200ERs since CLT use to be a A330 base but when they retired those it went all 777.

Also I’ll try to come, any way you can swap one of the B or C gates to an AA A319 to Key West? Know you have a Key West gate at the E gates with the E175, but this is a flight they do mainline as well.


Thanks i’ll fix it

youre at gate B5

@MANDELA can i change you to a 777-200ER to be realistic?

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