The Nordic Way | Official Finnair Virtual Thread 2023-2024

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The Nordic Way

The fastest connections between European destinations and Asian megacities are flown over Finland.
We welcome you to connect the East and the West by flying the nordic way at our home base, Helsinki-Vantaa.

Why Join Finnair Virtual?

78x78 Finnair Virtual offers more than a 400 Finnair routes, along with more than a thousand codeshare routes! Our routes capture the best sceneries of the land of thousand lakes, the nightless nights above the polar circle as well as the World’s largest archipelago with over 50.000 islands. Want an adventure? You can take our charter routes (AYC) to destinations from Antarctica to Fiji.
78x78 We are part of OneWorld Virtual family and OneWorld Virtual and in partnership with over 40 airlines. This cooperation offers our pilots a wide route network covering all continents and all corners of the World as well as opportunities to fly various aircraft types from turboprops to large double-deckers. Furthermore, this alliance allows our VA to engage in even more internal and external events with partner VAs.
78x78 Our Pilot Community embraces the fun moments and supportive atmosphere as we take the time to improve our skills to become better pilots. We participate in group flights and training sessions organized by our own staff. Our pilots are from all over the Globe and we connect for fun moments on our Discord server on a daily basis. We also race for the highest monthly flight hours in the competition for the title Pilot of the Month. New pilots are always warmly welcomed to our community.
78x76 Events? Of course. We always make sure to host multiple events per week internally, which are open for all pilots a join. With a regular attendance of a good number of pilots, we can promise you will never get bored of flying with us. Come join us to experience professional events the AYVA way.
78x76 We make sure to regularly host challenges for our pilots. These vary from being pro fuel savers to the wildest of explorers. The best pilots receive awards, and these challenges bring friendly competition as well as huge excitement. We promise you, you will not get bored at AYVA.

On the 26th of June 2020 Finnair Virtual was officially founded by @Hardlanding_Hussain. 3 continuous Years brought many happy pilots, partnerships, events and a lot of joy to our VA. We have progressed a huge growth since last year while always striving to keep realism and professionalism top of mind.

Finnair Virtual Staff :

Role Pilot Callsign
CEO @MikaL 1AY
COO @Pilot_Aaltonen 2AY
CFO @tunamkol 3AY
Route Manager @Pilot-Daniel 4AY
Flight Analyst @Arnav_Nimbkar 5AY
Flight Analyst @Miguel_Schaardt 6AY
Founder @Hardlanding_Hussain ----
Mentor @GBKarp ----

Want to learn more about how one the best Virtual Airlines of the simulator operates?


We at Finnair Virtual have an extensive rank system, allowing our pilots to reach new milestones as they progress with their AYVA careers. However, these ranks do not restrict our pilots from joining our frequent events or groupflights hosted by our community.

Rank Hours Perks
Trainee 0:00 Finnair Short Haul Routes (AY)
Commercial Pilot 30:00 Finnair Long Haul Routes (AY)
First Officer 150:00 All Codeshare Routes
Captain 750:00 Finnair Charter Routes (AYC) + Star Service Award
Chief Pilot 1500:00 Own Finnair Charter (AYC) route + Finnair Historic Routes (AYH)
Advisory Board Bronze 2500:00 Access to Advisory Board Lounge + Finnair Executive Campaign (AYE) + Golden Service Award
Advisory Board Silver 3000:00 Star Service Award
Advisory Board Gold 3500:00 Events Management
Advisory Board Platinum 4000:00 Diamond Service Award


Finnair Virtual offers a route network to more than 200 daily operated, chartered, historical and seasonal destinations and still expanding from time to time.
Including our Codeshares there are over 2000 routes available from all corners and sides of the world. Next to that we offer other different types route networks :

Finnair Historical

We cover Finnair’s Historical Route Network from 1972 featuring many fifth freedom flights. The Network currently consists of 28 routes that can be flown with our B757 or the Generic MD11 as these two aircraft are the closest to Finnair’s old historyz

Finnair Charter

Do you think Finnair’s international Route Network is too limited? The Finnair Charter Network is a totally imaginary list of routes that connects our home airport EFHK with unique destinations such as Sydney, the Fiji Islands or Antarctica on a direct route. On top of that pilots reaching the Chief Pilot rank receive the reward of creating their own Charter Routes from any Finnair destination.

Finnair Executive

High Ranking pilots at Finnair Virtual receive the reward of flying between monthly featured HUBs around the world. These are in now way Finnair related and offer a good variety for our top ranks.

Check out our own Route Network here


Our AY Fleet:

Aircraft Livery Range
ATR 72-500 → DHC8-Q400 Generic 1100 NM
E190-100 Finnair 2450 NM
A319-100 Generic 4380 NM
A320-200 Generic 5280 NM
A321-200 Finnair 3200 NM
A330-300 Finnair 6350 NM
MD-11 Generic 7000 NM
A340-300 → A340-600 Generic 7890 NM
A350-900 Finnair 8100 NM
B737-800 (JetTime) Generic 2230 NM
B757-200 Finnair (old) 3900 NM

One World Virtual Codeshare Partners

Interline Partners

Tarom Virtual Vueling El Al Air India

Codeshare Partners

Airline VA/VO HUB Routes Aircraft
Air Baltic - EVRA 58 2
Air China CAVA ZBAA 24 6
Air France AFKLM LFPG 10 4
China Southern CZVG ZGGG 8 3
Condor CFGVA EDDF & EDDM 20 2
Eurowings - EDDF 50 3
GOL Linhas Aéreas G3VA SBSP 28 2
Icelandair - BIKF 10 1
Juneyao Air - ZSPD 35 1
Norwegian Air NAXVA ESSA 40 2
Saudia - OEJN 50 4
TAP Portugal TPVA LPPT 100 3
Turkish Airlines TKVA LTFM 44 7
Vistara - VIDP 6 2
Widerøe - ENGM 34 2

Crew Centre

We proudly use ATLAS for our Crew Centre. This is where our pilots file their flights or operations and our staff keep track of progress. Our strong and frequent communication with them allows us to keep our CC well maintained and suited perfectly for its function.


ATLAS Features :

  • Live VA Map
  • ROTW Schedules
  • ATC Career Mode
  • Activity Charts
  • PIREP / ATC Operation Management + Archive


We, at Finnair Virtual, have partnered along with our CC provider ATLAS to create a unique ATC mode. This allows keen IFATC controllers to join our VA and experience the AYVA experience as an ATC controller instead of a pilot. Our ATC controllers can file their operations as reports and progress through the ranks to become prestigious controllers of the VA. Furthermore, applicants who wish to both be apart of AYVA as an ATC and a pilot, we offer the opportunity to join both programs.


Rank Hours Perks
Cadet 0:00 Control Finnish Domestic Airports
Sergeant 5:00 Control at AYVA events
Commander 30:00 Control at ATC scheduled airports

Start your journey to become an AYVA ATC here.
We are looking forward to your application and joining our community.

At the end of every month, we post a detailed overview of our activity trends, which allows the staff and pilots to keep track of our activity over the last few months. Furthermore, we make sure to award our best pilot by giving them the Pilot of the Month award.

Before you apply, here are the requirements on joining AYVA as a pilot or IFATC:

  • Minimum 13 years of age.
  • Valid Infinite Flight Pro subscription.
  • At Least Grade 3 in Infinite Flight.
  • Access to Discord and be able to maintain mature behavior.
  • Able to file at least 1 flight every month.
  • Landing / Violation ratio not higher than 0.25.

If you meet those requirements, you can apply via the form linked below. This will take you to a written test. To pass - a score of 6/8 is required. Once you pass the written test, we can welcome you into our VA! We at AYVA promise to contact you ASAP with your results.

Thank you for choosing Finnair Virtual and enjoy your flight!
Kiitos, että valitsit Finnair Virtualin ja nauti lennostasi.

Special Thanks

@HenryD1 @Kennedy22_spotter @Sam_Neale @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek

Finnair Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Finnair Ltd.
If you wish to visit their website, click here.
© Finnair Virtual


Amazing VA, glad to be part of it. Come join us, I promise you won’t regret it! We at AYVA would love to have you ❤️


Elated to be a part of this Superb VA!


Glad to be a part of this VA for almost 8 months <3


It would be nothing without yall.


Just joined!!! Finnair Virtual is #7 for me 😁😁


It’s great to have you on board :)


Its great to have a codeshare with you, long may that carry on :)

TUI Virtual Vice President


Thanks for you kind words @TUIVirtualGroup! Looking forward to an everlasting and great partnership!



Another amazing thread @FinnairVA !!! Congratulations, wish you the best luck and future!!

Have a nice one,

Greetings from Germany



Thank you very much @Captain_Lufty! Greeting back from Germany as well.


Very nice thread! All the best💙


Thanks you so much @ifglobalaviators. Can’t wait to cooperate more with you in the future.


Amazing! 😎


Great to be a part of this amazing VA!!💙🙌


Finnair Virtual - Summer Challenges 2023

At Finnair Virtual we are starting a 6 week campaign of regular summer themed challenges. Special perks are available for participating in this event such as a Custom Badge, Bonus Hours and your own custom Charter Route.

Enjoy the Summer!


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It’s a pleasure to be partners with such an amazing VA and we are looking forward towards an amazing future!

Social Media Manager


Thank you so much @QatariVirtual . Its been an incredible partnership with you already and we can’t wait for future cooperation.


25JUL - Heading to Costa del Sol

This evening Finnair Virtual and @norwegianairvirtual are hosting a Joint Event together on a medium haul flight across Europe.

For more information visit the event thread here

Looking forward to see you there!



Awesome thread with stunning visuals! 🥰