The Non-Generic Suggested Route Database 2021

One thing I would like to point out about the amazing work the lads have put in, they shouldn’t be getting slammed for not including American routes but be thanked that people who may only fly in there own country because they don’t know real world routes too well but now with this amazing database they can explore the world. Another point about flying in America is as everyone has said this is where the general public fly in Infinite flight this also means you run into those people who fly drastically:
•cutting in front of approach
•speeding around taxiways to be first to takeoff
•taking off without checking for any incoming aircraft

I think this post is amazing and I hope to see even more routes added 😉


First off id like to thank the creators of this database for creating it! It has some cool routes and i hope it expands even further!

Ill throw in my suggestions for the database!

Air Serbia
Belgrade - Catania (seasonal) - A319
Belgrade - Krasnodar - A319
Belgrade - Tunis (seasonal) - A319/B738 (sub for B733
Belgrade - Dubrovnik - A319/Q400 (sub for ATR72)
Niš - Bologna (possibly cancelled) - A319
Kraljevo - Vienna - Q400 (sub for ATR72)

Rome - Ajjacio - E175
Rome - Podgorica - E175
Rome - Algiers - A319
Olbia - Verona - A319

I hope you find these usefull!


They’re really nice looking routes. Thanks mate :)


How can I edit it? I want to fill in some routes :)

I was talking to @Ivan0921 dummy

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Is it ok if I join the team? I can focus on Asian flights

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PM one of us with your suggestions :)

@Ethan_Lee1 @Fung_Sum-sum sorry but we do not accept any more additions to our team! But please feel free to pm us any suggestions regarding routes!




Hello @anon52720224 , may I add a route suggestion?

JetSmart A320, From El Palomar (Buenos Aires) to Ushuaia!

Notes: Beautiful flight in South America!


Edit: Livery will be added in 21.1.

Yeah we might consider adding jetsmart routes
However I heard that El Palomar airport is no longer a passenger airport
Either way we already have some discontinued routes in our database so I don’t see the harm in adding them


Weekly Update

This weeks database update include following airlines:

  • Iraqi Airways (Baghdad Base)
  • Turkish Airlines (Istanbul Base Update)
  • Jetstar Australia (Selection)
  • Air Niugini (Selection)
  • Yemenia Airlines (Selection)
  • Copa Airlines
  • GOL (Complete Database)
  • Spirit Airlines (Fort Lauderdale Base)
  • Spring Airlines (Shijiazhuang Base)

Feel free to enjoy these new routes :))


so we can suggest these routes with those airlines

It doesn’t have to be just those airlines. You can suggest any routes and we will take them into consideration for the database.


alright. so you guys put it into the google document thing?

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Not just those airlines! We are publishing a weekly update of new routes that we have added to the database.

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| YXX-YYC | Westjet 737-700 | Abbotsford to Calgary
| YEG-YZF | Westjet 737-800 | Edmonton to Yellowknife

| YXY- YYC | Westjet 737-800 | Whitehorse to Calgary
| YQX-YHZ | Westjet 737-700 | Gander to Halifax

| YHZ-DUB | Westjet 737-700 | Halifax to Dublin
| YDF- YYZ | Westjet 737-700 | Deer Lake to Toronto


Nice routes! 👍🏽 We’ll be adding some Canadian routes soon so stay tuned 👀


Am I be able to share a route here?

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