The Non-Generic Suggested Route Database 2021

Seeing people fly New York - O’Hare made me sad the other day as there’s much more than just America… So I thought together with a couple others why not create a list of routes that will show you the whole beauty of the planet!

Like a wise man on Tik Tok once said:

Well, here’s the result! Please note that this sheet is a constant WIP and routes will be added all over the place.

The Database Link



Feel free to enjoy these routes!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I suggest routes?

  • Just drop a comment down below! :)

How can I join the team?

  • Unfortunately we currently are not recruiting any new members to our editing team.

Will my routes appear in the database if I suggested them?

  • Every suggestion is discussed by the team and if we feel like it fulfils our standards, it will be added to the database!

How often can we expect an update?

  • New routes are added every week. We try to publish an update on our work every week on Sunday.

Thanks for coming up with this idea, Daniel. Glad to help out along with all the other editors.

Looking forward to adding more and more nice routes to the list. Hope everyone enjoys!


Like this idea, hopefully will see the Sudan region on the African list soon.


There is already, I added the Yemenia route from Aden - Khartoum just earlier today (it is under middle east). More to come though, of course!


Hey! Can I help you with the routes? I could do some of south America as that’s my area of expertise


Great to help out, Daniel. Hopefully this document will inspire people within the IFC to fly to interesting places, and explore the world!


It’s a pleasure to work on this list and help our fellow pilots explore this beautiful world of ours!


Wow, this is incredible! Great work, I’ll be sure to give these routes a try. Thank you all for your hard work!


Am I able to suggest a route or two here?

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You can try 👀

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Welp, here are a few suggestions. I promise they’re not generic (I have proof). 😂

AS75 | Seattle Tacoma | Juneau | KSEA | PAJN | Boeing 737-800 | Alaska Airlines | 2:34

AS2310 | Seattle Tacoma | Bozeman | KSEA | KBZN | Dash-8 Q400 | Alaska Airlines (Horizon) | 1:30

And here’s a GA flight if those are included:

Personal Callsign | Ashe County | Macon County | KGEV | 1A5 | XCub | No Airline | 0:40


Those are very unique routes @Butter_Boi ima try one of them out tonight! That XCub one is awesome!


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And the USA is apart of that world but doesn’t mean everything has to be based off of it…

Just because it is in the USA doesn’t mean it isn’t Unique.

I flew to Bozeman the other day, but from LGA instead. Nice place. One of my preferred airports in the US, I have to say.

However, it’s still a fairly well known airport compared to some others we have in the database. And in all honesty, the whole point is to veer people away from the areas most people have flown to (due to ATC schedules, events etc). I have to agree that they are nice routes - just not exactly what we’re looking for. Hope you understand


How do I apply to join the commission? 👀


Understandable. No problem!

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KROA - KMTV is a awesome route aswell.

GA 30min route both ways

At no point anywhere did I see a non usa route thread…

No hate on y’all for making a big unique routes thread but be more specific if you don’t want USA routes. Just because you don’t see people flying places doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it :)