The “No Weather” / Missing ATIS information

The Expert Server is facing an issue where all airports are missing the weather information. Could a Staff member please look into it.

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Just a little extra detail, it’s an issue on the all multiplayer servers. Weather server is showing a green checkmark in flight, though.

I think they are talking about the airport information, not in flight information.

Thank you for the report! We’ll have a look and do what we can :)


We’re pushing a fix now, thanks for letting us know!

Just for clarification, our data source for METARs ( released a new update to their website today and changed the URL for downloading these. We’ve updated to their new URL now and data should be updating correctly within 10 mins or so.


I am currentlly in mid of a flight and I was checking METAR afor some airports. All airport indicates "No Weather

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